Prince William Reportedly Found An Ally In This Unlikely Royal

Prince William Reportedly Found An Ally In This Unlikely RoyalThere are two people in the royal family right now with spouses that are battling from cancer; it’s Prince William and Queen Camilla, if you hadn’t guessed.

According to a royal expert, these two like birds are beginning to flock together to be able to see themselves through the royal storm as the last two standing most senior royals.

Prince William Likely To “Confide” In Queen Camilla During “Times of Adversity”

With all that the royal family has borne in recent weeks in way of rumors surrounding both the King and the Princess of Wales’ health, there’s only a precious few people that Prince William can fully trust. You can’t blame him. I mean, the conspiracy theories got to the extent that someone tried to access Kate Middleton’s health records.

Prince William is not only battling the rumors and the naysayers, he’s also trying to shoulder the burden of leading a slimmed-down monarchy away from crisis.

As a result of this, Jennie Bond has suggested that Prince William and Queen Camilla, who have both had to step up their engagements, have grown much closer.

Speaking to OK! magazine, the BBC’s former royal correspondent said, “Times of adversity often bring people much closer together. For all the progress that has been made in cancer treatment, it is still a scary thing.”

“And while Camilla and William put on a brave face for the world (and no doubt for their spouses too), there may be times when they confide in one another about how they are dealing with it all.”

Prince William and Queen Camilla walked side by side at the Commonwealth Day service, which was sadly missed by the King and Princess of Wales.

Prince William Can Only Trust A Few Senior Royals In Light of Harry and Meghan Fallout

With Harry and Meghan out of the picture, Bond believes there’s only a few senior royals left that William can completely confide in.

She claimed: “There are so very few people that a senior royal can trust absolutely… and Camilla must now be one of that number for William.”

“And I’m sure it is a two-way street with William offering moral support to Camilla as well,” she said.

Well, it takes one to know one, and William and Camilla are undoubtedly going through something no family in the world would want to go through. More strength to them.

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