Prince William Not Happy About This Princess Kate Health Rumors Following Her Surgery

Prince William Not Happy About This Princess Kate Health Rumors Following Her SurgeryEarly January saw the Palace announce the shocking news that the Princess of Wales had undergone planned abdominal surgery and will need a few months to recuperate.

It was a huge blow to fans, who rushed to send her letters regardless of their location. At the time, due to media frenzy, there were calls to give the Princess some privacy while she recovers.

Her health issues have unearthed an age-old speculation that seems to always revolve around her weight, and this time, Prince William is far from okay with it.

Prince William “Angry” Over Claim His Wife Has An Eating Disorder

For celebrities, many rumors will come and go, but there seems to be just that one rumor that sticks. For Kate, the speculations about her weight is one that has haunted her for a long time and continues to do so.

As the royal recovers from her surgery surrounded by her loved ones, a source told In Touch Weekly that William isn’t amused at the eating disorder rumors pervading the internet as of recent.

“William gets angry when people say Kate has an eating disorder,” they said. “Of course, it worries him that people think that, but it’s also a sensitive topic given what his mother went through.”

Of course anyone who knows anything about the royals can understand why this is such a sensitive topic.

Diana suffered from a dangerous and life-threatening eating disorder called bulimia, where one eats large quantities of food only to purge them later.

However, in contrast to Kate who has never publicly acknowledged that she has any eating disorder, Diana was quite open about hers.

Following news of Kate’s surgery, rumors abounded the internet – from the obviously stupid ones claiming it’s a tummy tuck (for a very slim woman, that is) to the more fearful ones saying the illness is a serious one.

Happily, the Palace has assured us that her condition isn’t life-threatening and that we should hope to see her radiant and back to her royal duties by the time Easter is over.

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