Prince Harry’s Attempt To Challenge the UK Court’s Ruling Gets Denied

Prince Harry's Attempt To Challenge the UK Court's Ruling Gets DeniedPrince Harry lost his round-the-clock police protection when he stepped down from his duties as a senior member of the Royal Family in 2020, and he’s been fighting to get it back since.

What Can Prince Harry Do To Challenge Judge Ruling In Favor of Home Office

In February, Harry lost his bid to win back his security after the judge declared that there was no “unlawfulness” in the decision to take away his 24/7 taxpayer funded security.

Since the ruling, Harry has since shared his pain that the court would arrive at such a conclusion, as he claimed racists and extremists were still at large and targeting his family.

Even though Harry maintains a security detail in the US, he has insisted that they won’t have the right information to keep him and his family safe whenever he visits the UK.

With the current arrangement, Harry is provided security when he attends royal events or stays at royal residences, but is left to fend for himself in any other situation apart from the aforementioned two.

High Court judge Sir Peter Lane ruled that the conditions were fair, instead saying that it’s Harry’s legal team’s fault for taking “an inappropriate, formalist interpretation of the RAVEC process.”

The judge said: “The ‘bespoke’ process devised for the claimant in the decision of 28 February 2020 was, and is, legally sound.”

“The reality of the matter is that the claimant considers he should receive a different approach to his protection whilst in the UK than RAVEC decided he should, based in part on his comparison of his own position with that of others,” Judge Lane added.

Since this ruling, Harry has vowed to appeal the case. Sadly, the first step to bring it to court was just recently locked.

He can however ask the Court of Appeal directly for the green light to challenge Sir Peter’s decision.

Following his loss to Home Office, he has been ordered to cover 90% of their reasonable costs.

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