Prince Harry Stayed At A Hotel On UK Visit, BANNED From Palace and Family’s Homes?

Prince Harry Stayed At A Hotel ON UK Visit, Been Banned From Palace and Family's Homes?Prince Harry just returned to California after visiting the Royal Family for roughly a day. Harry was spotted touching down in Montecito and returning home to his wife Meghan Markle and their kids this week.

Prince Harry’s trip to the UK was much shorter than anyone expected, but the shocking part is where he stayed while he was in London. Keep reading for all the details on Prince Harry’s trip, and new Royal Family updates.

January was a rough one for the Royal Family.  Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton was unexpectedly hospitalized and underwent emergency abdominal surgery. The Duchess of Cambridge’s medical emergency was so severe, she is not expected to return to her daily activities and Royal Family duties until April.

Kate Middleton And King Charles’ Medical Emergencies

While Prince William’s wife was fighting for her life in the hospital and he became the primary caretaker of their three children, it was also revealed that King Charles would be undergoing treatment as well for his prostate issues.

Prince William could have lost his wife and father at the same time, and is struggling to cover for both of them and keep up business as usual at the Palace. It makes sense that Prince Harry needed to fly to the UK to check on his father, brother, and sister-in-law.

If Prince Harry was that concerned, why did he check in to a hotel? Prince William and King Charles have access to dozens of properties, and they are all fully staffed.

In all fairness, Harry could probably stay at any of their back-up houses and they would never be the wiser. If your father and brother’s wife had scary medical emergencies at the same time, wouldn’t you want to be on hand in case they need you?

Prince Harry Banned From Family’s Properties

Harry’s visit lasted a whopping day, and outlets are reporting he only visited his father for less than an hour.

Then, he hopped on a plane and went home to Meghan Markle.  Has Prince Harry been banned from the Palace and his family’s homes?

Why is a member of the Royal Family sleeping at a hotel, like they don’t own half the homes in England?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Royal Family news and updates.

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