Prince Harry Hits Huge Brick Wall In UK Police Protection Case

Prince Harry Hits Huge Brick Wall In UK Police Protection CasePer recent reports, Prince Harry is making all the necessary steps to keep fighting Home Office’s decision to take away his police protection.

However, even with the news, Harry still has suffered major losses, as a judge has rejected a request for him to appeal an earlier ruling that denied him UK police protection.

Prince Harry’s Fight To Win Armed Security In the UK Gets Major Update

Harry has reportedly lost his first appeal bid in a challenge over his UK police protection.

This may be the first step towards finally ending the long-running case that Harry brought on more than four years ago to contest the reason behind his 24/7 UK security detail being taken away.

At the time, Harry argued that while he may no longer be a working royal, the risk to him and his family’s being is yet to go away.

In fact, he insisted that it has exponentially increased due to racists and extremists. He further claimed that this hatred was magnified by the relentless hounding by the press and social media haters.

Before deciding to quit his role as a senior member of the Royal Family, Harry had received publicly funded security protection.

Since he stepped away from the role and moved to the states, RAVEC (The Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures) decided that he no longer fell into the category that needed police protection.

While Harry would still receive protection if deemed necessary, he and his family would no longer be granted police protection just by visiting the UK.

In February, Harry was hit with his first major setback when a judge dismissed the case, declaring that RAVEC’s decision to take away his taxpayer-funded security was lawful.

“The reality of the matter is that the claimant considers he should receive a different approach to his protection whilst in the UK than RAVEC decided he should, based in part on his comparison of his own position with that of others,” Judge Lane said.

“RAVEC, as an expert body, concluded otherwise. It was entitled to do so.”

On April 8, the court blocked Harry’s decision to appeal the case when they refused to grant him permission to do so.

In addition to this, Harry was ordered to pay “90%” of the Home Office’s reasonable fees. While the amount is expected to be substantial, it is yet to be disclosed.

Following the judge’s ruling, Harry penned an emotional letter mentioning his late mother Princess Diana’s accident and asking the court and everyone involved whether they were willing to take responsibility if anything happened to him or his family.

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