Prince Harry Concerned About Kate Middleton

Prince Harry Concerned About Kate MiddletonIs Prince Harry going to fly back to the UK to check on Kate Middleton?  Prince Harry is reportedly very worried about his brother Prince William’s wife, and the media circus now officially dubbed “Kate Gate.” 

Does Harry need to save her from the press too?  Keep reading for all the details!

Royal Followers Still Don’t Know Why Kate Middleton Needed To Have Abdominal Surgery. 

The fact that Kate went radio silent for almost three months, then photo-shopped her Mother’s Day photo, and then might or might not have hired a body double to go to the farmer’s market is definitely a cause for concern.

Prince Harry was officially booted from the family group chat years ago, he learned about King Charles’ cancer diagnosis from a Palace press release. 

Meghan Markle‘s hubby is officially out of the Royal loop. Some of the people reading this right now probably know more details about “Kate Gate” than her brother-in-law Harry.  

Prince Harry Concerned About Kate Middleton

Per Page Six’s inside source, Prince Harry has reportedly been following the Kate Middleton headlines and is worried about his sister-in-law. 

The website reveals, “Our insider says the red-headed royal who famously fled to California from Buckingham Palace has been “distracted” with concern by the headlines surrounding Kate Middleton, and her mysterious retreat from public life.  But the source also tells us that Harry thinks, “any hint of scandal is untrue.”

Prince Harry’s “concern” over the Kate Middleton media circus doesn’t seem to be stopping him from going skiing, hat shopping, or helping his wife rebrand herself for the umpteenth time. 

In fact, things seem to be on the up-swing right now for the Markles in the press, Harry probably doesn’t want to rock the boat too much.

Do you think the Palace is hiding anything about Kate Middleton?  Is Prince Harry really concerned or just saving face? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back here for more Royal Family updates.

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