Prince Edward and Princess Sophie’s Kids Could Possibly Become Working Royals For This Reason

Prince Edward and Princess Sophie's Kids Could Possibly Become Working Royals For This ReasonWith the recent health issues in the Royal Family, King Charles’ slimmed-down monarchy has clearly shown that it is not faultless.

With King Charles and the Princess of Wales both receiving treatment for cancer, Prince William, Queen Camilla and Princess Anne have tried their best to hold it together whilst attending as many engagements as they possibly could.

Recently, the King had to turn to his youngest sibling and wife, Princess Edward and Sophie, to lead a major royal duty on his behalf at Buckingham Palace.

As a result of this, many experts are speculating that William would not wish to continue with a slimmed-down monarchy.

Prince William Could Choose To Bring In His Cousins When He Takes the Throne

Prince Charles’ slimmed-down monarchy is terribly leaking at this point in time. It’s got to the extent people are beginning to question the relevancy of the monarchy, with experts saying that the Royal Family is at their weakest right now.

Richard Eden believes the failings of this model would warn William off of it when he takes the throne.

In the latest installment of Daily Mail’s Palace Confidential newsletter, Eden, who acts as the editor of the Daily Mail’s Social Diary, suggested that Prince Edward and Princess Sophie’s children Louise, 20, and James, 16, are likely to become working royals during William’s reign.

“Hopefully, William will realize that a ‘slimmed-down’ monarchy wouldn’t safeguard the institution, as some claim, but would lead to its irrelevance and eventual death,” Eden claimed. “What better way to build on its strengths than with an injection of energy from young people who have had values of public service and duty instilled in them from birth.”

In fact, Eden opined that their help would be most welcome and needed when William becomes the reigning monarch.

While Eden said slimming down the monarchy was a “mistake,” he did note that the effects were unexpected as no one could have predicted that the King and the Princess of Wales would be out at the same time.

Apart from Louise and her brother, royalists have also been throwing their hats in the ring for Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and even Mike and Zara Tindall.

Who would you nominate?

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