Meghan Markle To Relaunch Her Brand With Personality Led Content In The New Year

Meghan Markle To Relaunch Her Brand With Personality Led Content In The New YearSources close to the Duchess say that her relaunch strategy is complete. All that needs to be done is for fans to be treated to the slate of exciting new projects she has been working on.

To tease what could only be Meghan Markle’s new branding direction, her team released a fun video where she acts an intern, helping a latte company to sell more products.

The ad gave us a glimpse of fun Meghan, and sources close to the Duchess say it’s a marker of the bold new branding strategy she’s chosen for herself.

Meghan Markle Branding Direction Will See Her Showing More of Her Personality

Meghan Markle is done being an enigmatic Duchess. After months of seeking to move her brand in a totally new direction, she’s chosen to embrace her personality.

“I think we will see a lot more personality led content created that concentrates on Meghan as a media personality who is kind, compassionate, entertaining and not afraid to poke fun at herself,” branding expert Nick Ede told MailOnline.

Ede believes that tapping into her fun personality and compassion and displaying those attributes of herself will help move her in a less controversial direction, and into a more stable space where brands can feel that they can safely work with her.

Apart from gaining deals via WME, the former actress is also said to be gearing up for the relaunch of her blog, The Tig. And the recent success of her biggest cable show has given her a new opening to make a grand return to acting.

Speaking on this, royal expert Phil Dampier said: “This is showing her in a better more relaxed way. It’s all about image and nothing happens by accident, but I’m sure the King, William and Catherine would be delighted if they just got on with a new life in California and stopped the feuding.”

He said this fun side will definitely trump the “life is a misery” card she’s been playing thus far.

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