Meghan Markle Launches Lifestyle Company Same Day As Prince William And Harry Honor Princess Diana’s Legacy

Meghan Markle Launches Lifestyle Company Same Day As Prince William And Harry Honor Princess Diana's LegacyWhen it comes to seizing the moment and endeavoring that you get the maximum amount of exposure for whatever it is you’re launching, Meghan Markle never fails to miss.

Here we are at the height of a great royal tension; the doctored pictures blah blah blah, and Princess Diana’s awards where William and Harry are set to reunite (sort of) to honor their mother’s outstanding legacy, and what happens?

Meghan Markle launches her lifestyle company American Riviera Orchard.

Sources did say she means to rival the likes of Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow, didn’t they?

Meghan Markle’s Lifestyle Company American Riviera Orchard Debuts With Video of Cooking Duchess

Launched as a newer and better version of her former lifestyle blog The Tig, American Riviera Orchard will be a way for the Duchess to give fans a look into her home life as a wife and mother of two young children.

Having put acting in her past, she’s doing her best to maintain relevancy in Hollywood’s fast-moving scene by being an inspiration to others.

The lifestyle brand will see her selling jams and kitchenwares, and in the launch video we see her picking flowers and cooking in a kitchen.

Weeks prior to this launch, Meghan had met with different experts in the Hollywood scene in order to gather as much information as she needed to make it the best it can be.

So far, I’d say it’s working, because it was able to clock 200,000 followers within a few hours of its launch.

The name American Riviera Orchard was chosen to pay homage to Santa Barbara, where she lives with husband Harry and her two children.

For over 100 years, Santa Barbara has been known as the American Riviera “because of its temperate climate and lush landscapes, as well as its robust food and wine culture.”

Royal Expert Comments On Meghan Markle’s Timing of American Riviera Launch

Fans can’t have failed to notice that Meghan launched this brand minutes before Prince William was set to take the stage for his speech.

Speaking on the meticulous timing, Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam told MailOnline: “The Sussexes in my opinion do nothing by accident and timing is often absolutely pivotal. We found that out one way over the weekend and we’ve now just been reminded that there may be more shots in their locker than some of us thought. And it’s no accident.”

He added: “For years they’ve been unpredictable but they have been predictable in one sense, and that is the unerring timing when they believe it’s beneficial to get information out. They don’t do anything by accident.”

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