Mama June Spoilers: Why Did Justin Stroud Announce That He Was The Owner Of The Show?

Mama June spoilers reveal that fans of Mama June: Family Crisis are a little confused with Justin Stroud’s actions. When June Shannon married Justin, she was so happy with their relationship and how far they had come since they first met.

The two of them are both recovering addicts and even though it may not seem like the best idea, their marriage has brought them a lot of joy. However, now June’s fans aren’t too sure what to think about Justin.

Recently, he told fans of the show that he now owns the show and this has a lot of fans scratching their heads. Let’s find out more about why fans are so confused.

Mama June Spoilers – June June’s Relationships

June has always put men before her children and when she was using drugs and alcohol, it was very apparent. She left her daughter, Alana Thompson for another man and this really traumatized her.

Mama June Spoilers: Why Did Justin Stroud Announce That He Was The Owner Of The Show?After serving some time in jail and going to rehab, June decided that it was time to repair her relationship with her family. This has been difficult for her since her children blame her for their money disappearing and their lives taking major turns.

When June and Justin met, it seemed to be love at first sight. They fell hard and fast for one another and they eventually married secretly at the courthouse.

Ever since he married her, it seems as if he has gotten a very big ego. This has made her fans very concerned and now it looks as if he is making claims that he owns her show.

Mama June Spoilers – Why Justin Stroud Thinks It’s His Show

On TikTok, Justin does his best to stay relevant and in the spotlight alongside his famous wife. He now thinks that he is the main star of the show and this has Redditors lashing out about his actions.

One Redditor wrote, “He can say and think that all he wants but at the end of the day, the name of the show doesn’t mention Justin. And if they split, he won’t be featured anyone.” Another wrote, “Justin, you’ve been here five minutes.”

Of course, June’s fans feel as if Justin would be nothing if he hadn’t married her and started to appear on the show.

There are plenty of fans who feel as if he is chasing fame by being married to her. For now, fans will continue to keep an eye on him to see what else he has to say about the show.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Mama June right now. Come back here often for Mama June spoilers, news, and updates.

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