Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson Demands To Know Where Money Is

Mama June’s spoilers reveal that Alana Thompson is heading off to college in Colorado, she is concerned about where all her money is.

Her sister, Pumpkin Efird decided to check out Alana’s money and was shocked when there was only $33,000 in it after there should have been six figures. Of course, June Shannon quickly made some excuses about where the money went and now Alana is ready to take her mother to court. Let’s find out more.

Mama June Spoilers – June Shannon Makes Excuses for Loss Of Money

When June was asked about the money, she told her daughters that she made that money from appearing on other reality television shows.

Even after hearing her excuses, Alana told her, “There should be at least six figures in that account! Something’s not adding up. My money is somewhere. It needs to be found right now, ASAP. Because this is not gonna work.” June told her children that there is a lot more to this than her spending the money.

Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson Demands To Know Where Money IsJune told Alana that taxes were taken out and she had to pay that with her money and claimed that they took 50% of the money.

Not only did June tell her that she had to deal with taxes, but she told her daughter that she was coming off as very ungrateful for even having this money.

This did not help the situation though. Alana is still convinced that June has been stealing her money since she started making it.

Mama June Spoilers – What Will Happen?

Even though Alana has been doing television since she was about six years old, she feels as if there should be a lot more money in her bank account. She knows how hard she has worked for that money and it seems as if June has been spending it.

Alana is now at the point where she needs to move to Colorado to start college, but she is scared that she won’t have enough money to get by while she is there.

There is a lot of speculation that June spent Alana’s money on drugs and alcohol when she dealing with her addictions.

She has spoken out about how much money she was spending on drugs and by looking at these numbers, some things just don’t add up. Will June come clean and tell Alana the truth about the money? We will have to wait and see.

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