Love After Lockup Spoilers: How Did Tracie Wagaman Die? Fans Curious

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that Tracie Wagamam’s fans are curious about her recent death. Her death occurred in 2021 just about a week after she had her second child.

She had been waiting for her boyfriend to get out of prison and it seemed like she was also working on becoming sober. The last time that fans of the show saw her, they were worried about her health and sobriety. Let’s find out the real way that she died.

Love After Lockup Spoilers – Tracie Wagamam’s Time on the Show

While Tracie was on Love After Lockup, she had a very tough relationship with Clint Brady. She met him when they were both in prison and they fell in love. She was addicted to drugs and he was plagued by this.

She was always a very controversial cast member and she even turned some heads when she decided that OnlyFans was the route that she wanted to go. Tracie would do anything she could to make money and even took Clint’s credit cards and car then she left him.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: How Did Tracie Wagaman Die? Fans CuriousTracie had two children and her life wasn’t exactly the best when she was on Love After Lockup.

She continued to battle with her addiction but showed her fans that she did love her family very much. Her death was shocking to her fans and they wanted to learn more about what happened to her.

Love After Lockup Spoilers – The Cause of Death

Tracie’s manager, Lily Red, made an announcement this past week about Tracie and their last conversation together.

Lily shared her text that read, “TY, Katie. Thnx for explaining everything to me. Now I get it. U don’t owe me a dime. Sorry for all the confusion. I hope you get better emotionally.”

The text was just shortly before she died. Her fans have shown some confusion as to what she was trying to say.

When Tracie died, Redditors wanted to share their thoughts on her death as well. They felt very sad for her children and they hoped that they could place them in a good home.

Lily reached out to Tracie very often and they considered themselves to be best friends. Tracie did tell her that she was sober. However, a toxicology report was done on her after her death.

It turns out that there were drugs in her system and it appears that she accidentally overdosed on methamphetamine. Our hearts go out to her family and friends.

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