Little People Big World Spoilers: Is Season 25 The End If Zach And Tori Exit?

Little People Big World spoilers suggest that the show could be in jeopardy thanks to recent updates from Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff. Zach has been the only Roloff child that has been on the show consistently. However, issues in recent years have had Tori and Zach spending less time around the family farm. Is this the end?

Little People Big World Spoilers – The New Trailer Recently Dropped

The new season of Little People Big World premieres on TLC on February 20. However, fans have been wondering if the show would return considering TLC tends to leave fans hanging for months before announcing if a show has been renewed.

LPBW debuted in 2006 and is one of the longest-running shows on television today.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Is Season 25 The End If Zach And Tori Exit?Zach and Tori and their children are the future of the show. Zach is the only one of the Roloff children who still appears on the show. However, according to recent updates, this may not be the case for long.

Tori and Zach haven’t been spending much time around the farm for some time. Their children haven’t been spending much time there either since Zach’s bid to buy part of the farm fell through.

LPBW Spoilers – What Have Zach And Tori Roloff Been Doing?

Little People Big World Spoilers reveal that earlier this month, Tori teased that they had something big in the works. Tori invited fans to guess what was coming down the line for the family.

Fans guessed everything from a new animal to a new baby and Tori confirmed that none of this is what he is talking about. Tori has left the question open for the fans to keep guessing.

Zach and Tori have a new podcast called Raising Heights. Currently, there is only one episode available that is posted on YouTube and other platforms.

Tori says that she and Zach are very excited to start this new project and see where it goes. How far will Zach and Tori take this project and what kinds of subjects will they discuss?

Little People Big World Spoilers – Is Season 25 The End Of Little People Big World?

Zach and Tori’s podcast is just one more thing to add to their list of activities to do. The Roloffs are already parents, social media influencers, and reality stars.

The podcast is taking up a lot of Tori and Zach’s time and eventually, they may not have time to deal with the show. Now that Zach and Tori have less time fans worry that this could be the end of LPBW.

Zach and Tori’s fans watch LPBW to see how they and their family are doing. In all honestly, most fans watch for the kid and the grandkids since the family split years ago. If Zach and Tori leave the show, chances are their fans will leave as well.

Fans may switch to listening to the podcast instead of tuning into Little People Big World. Fans certainly wish Zach and Tori well in their new venture.

Keep checking back often for LPBW news and spoilers. Little People Big World can be seen on TLC and streaming on Discovery +.

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