King Charles Didn’t Always Do Right By Princess Diana, Expert Claims

King Charles Didn't Always Do Right By Princess Diana, Expert ClaimsIt might have been a fairytale match when then-Prince Charles married Princess Diana, but it didn’t take long for the marriage to sour.

Apart from Diana’s famous “three people in the relationship” confession, a royal expert is now claiming that there are other times when Charles wasn’t being the ideal husband (if you’re wondering what an ideal husband should be, I don’t know either).

However, I’m guessing leaving your wife all by herself in India isn’t one of the qualities of an ideal husband.

Royal Expert Recalls Vacation When King Charles Left Princess Diana “Sitting Alone”

Some people suggest that King Charles and Diana’s marriage was doomed from the start – Charles could have possibly still been in love with his old flame Camilla when he married Diana – whilst others think it’s the little things that drove them apart.

Speaking to royal editor Matt Wilkinson for The Sun’s show Royal Exclusive, reporter Charles Rae described the late Princess Diana as being more extroverted than Charles.

Like Prince Harry wrote in “Spare,” King Charles would often put his royal duties over family ones, and Rae agrees with the account, but to some extent.

He said: “Poor old Charles is left looking like a lemon as he was in India when he didn’t take her to the Taj Mahal and left her sitting alone there while he was addressing a business meeting 500 miles away. He just didn’t get those sort of things right.”

Recalling another instance of Charles and Diana’s divide, Rae recounted a time when young Prince William and Prince Harry arrived on the Royal Britannia to meet their parents.

“Diana and Charles had just finished a job…Diana walks up the gangplank, Charles is very polite, he stands there and says ‘hello’ to the captain, first officer and cook.

He added: “Diana ignores them all and runs practically down the gangplank with her arms wide open and the boys rushed up to her – and that’s the picture that made the newspapers all over the world.”

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