King Charles And Prince Andrew’s Relationship Laid Bare As Royals Fight Over Royal Lodge

King Charles And Prince Andrew's Relationship Laid Bare As Royals Fight Over Royal LodgeKing Charles is not happy Prince Andrew is delaying moving out of Royal Lodge; an impressive property that stands on Windsor grounds. Prince Andrew can’t believe his elder brother would try to drive him from home where he raised his daughters and still lives with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Thing is, since Charles became King, he’s been looking for ways to cut down on his annual spending, and driving Andrew from Royal Lodge will reportedly save him thousands in security alone per year. Is Andrew budging? Close sources say no, especially since he’s still got decades in his lease of the property and Its impressive grounds.

Royal Expert Says Prince Andrew is the Royal Family’s “Extremely Serious And Embarrassing Problem”

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams Doesn’t Think The Term “See Eye To Eye” Applies To King Charles And Younger Brother Prince Andrew.

After the Prince’s disgraceful associations with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell was laid bare in his battle with accuser Virginia Giuffre, the Duke of York has been stripped of his patronages and forced to step back from public life.

However, every once in a while, he manages to pull up a stunt that’s “embarassing” for the Royal Family, like refusing to vacate Royal Lodge per the King’s orders.

Speaking to The Sun, Fitzwilliams said of the Prince Andrew situation: “The King has undoubtedly got a problem, and the Royal Family very, very clearly have extremely serious and embarrassing perpetual problem with Prince Andrew.”

But that’s not all. Fitzwilliams believes that Charles and Andrew’s rift actually predates the contention for Royal Lodge and even the embarrassing Virginia Giuffre settlement.

“They seem to have gone on as complete opposites, really, in so many ways,” he explained, adding that the “12-year gap” probably kept the royals from having much in common. “Charles is rather sort of intellectual, serious, sensitive. Andrew rather bumptious, outgoing.”

While of course, the brothers had much in common in the eyes of the world, Fitzwilliams believes the differences were always there, and while the brothers didn’t have much to spar on before, the battle for Royal Lodge is reportedly bringing these differences forward for the world to see.

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