Jill Dillard Still Defends Michelle Duggar, See How

Jill Dillard is still defending her mom Michelle Duggar. She shocked fans when she spent time with her family over the holiday season. Fans criticized the way she interacts with her family. Read on to learn more.

Jill Dillard – Still Defends Michelle Duggar

This revelation was brought up on Reddit. The user Sadiesarah411 shared they were listening to Jill and Derek Dillard’s podcast interview. They noticed that she still defends her mom.

During the interview, Jill called her “nurturing” and said it helped with the environment that she was raised in.

Jill Dillard Still Defends Michelle Duggar, See HowThe OP’s comment brought up a heavy debate on the Reddit thread. The original poster argued that it’s “not normal” for Jill to defend her mother so much.

She’s done so much work when it came to healing from the Duggar family. However, it seems like Jill still has complicated feelings about her mother.

One fan wrote: “Jill still sees Meech as the ‘safe’ parent instead of the ‘safer’ parent, and she may never progress past that stage. She is holding one parent responsible for the time being, and time will tell if she ever holds her other parent responsible.”

Another user suggested: “I’m a trauma therapist – it makes sense to me that she needs her mom to be ‘safe,’ esp since she hasn’t and doesn’t seem to want full-blown no contact with her family.”

Jill Dillard – Still In Communication With The Duggars

Despite Derick and Jill Dillard’s feelings with the Duggars, they’re still communicating with the family.

They spent the 2023 Christmas season at the Duggar compound. Most fans were shocked to learn that Jill is still in touch with her family.

The release of her tell-all book and appearance in Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets made it seem as if she denounced them.

Some fans noted that Jill made progress in her healing. However, she still has a long way to go. Jill may see Michelle as the “better parent” out of the two.

She doesn’t want to hold her accountable because Michelle is meeker compared to Jim Bob, who calls the shots.

One fan argued: “Of course she does. Everyone comes out of the fog at their own pace, and if the bad parent was particularly controlling it takes longer to accept that the ‘good’ parent really wasn’t.”

What are your thoughts on Jill Dillard defending Michelle Duggar? Why do you think she defends her mom? Does it surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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