GH Spoilers: The Truth About Dex’s Connection To Michael Comes Out — Will Sonny Ax His Own Son?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has been battling an enemy from within, and now he believes he knows who it is.

He’ll be stunned as he tries to wrap his head around the idea that Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) has been playing him the entire time he’s been in his organization, but that won’t hurt nearly as bad as learning it was Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) who installed him as a plant in his dad’s organization.

Sonny will likely refute any attempt by Michael to explain away his intentions, and the mob boss is unlikely to believe Michael had altruistic intentions. But who will pay the ultimate price for this misstep: Dex — or Michael?

General Hospital Spoilers — Carly Spencer Offers Cover

Panic set in for Carly when she realized Sonny might have been with Dex and likely believed he was the traitor inside his organization.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Truth About Dex's Connection To Michael Comes Out — Will Sonny Ax His Own Son?Carly’s efforts to stop Sonny from making a huge mistake by killing Dex might be successful, but she’ll have a tough time clearing up the confusion about why she was invested in protecting Sonny — seemingly from himself.

When Dex came into the picture, Carly was hardly Sonny’s biggest ally at the time. They were being torn apart from the fallout of their marriage after Sonny jumped into bed with Carly’s nemesis.

GH Spoilers – Claim Michael Corinthos Comes Clean

Not willing to let his mother suffer the blame for his choices, Michael will be forced to come clean with his father — and his wife.

Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) doesn’t know anything about Michael’s continued arrangement with Dex — nor does she know Carly helped to rope him into it at a time when he was prepared to walk away from the whole mess he had created upon Willow’s urging.

Will this come as another blow to their marriage? Moreover, will Willow blame Carly and find herself reconsidering how she feels about her own mother in the process?

Will Sonny be able to sidestep Michael’s betrayal in the interest of staying on track with rebuilding their father-son relationship?

General Hospital Spoilers — Sonny Corinthos Weighs His Options

It’s highly unlikely that Sonny is going to retaliate against his own child, but it won’t stop Carly from worrying that he might.

Still, for Sonny, this is going to come as a critical blow to not just his family life, but his professional life, too.

The fact that Michael was able to infiltrate his organization and position a plant inside of it for this long means the business isn’t nearly as secure as Sonny and his associates have assumed all this time.

He may be bound to take his frustration out on his other employees, such as Brick (Stephen A. Smith), for not keeping security tighter.

The reality is that Sonny is tired of being betrayed by the people who are supposed to love him, and it just might harden him and bring us closer to the previous and more angry version of the mobster we all knew and loved before Nixon Falls.

Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to see how this plays out.

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