GH Spoilers: Sam And Sonny Clear The Way For Carly And Jason To Fall In Love

General Hospital (GH) spoilers report Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) have been in and out of love with each other over the years more times than we can count.

But they were never able to vocalize that to each other and act on it until two years ago when Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was missing in action and presumed dead while off living his best life in Nixon Falls, plagued with amnesia.

The moment he returned to his home in Port Charles — memories intact — everything changed for Carly and Jason.

General Hospital Spoilers — Sonny Corinthos  And Carly Spencer Didn’t Work Out?

Prior to that night, they were both careening toward solidifying their commitment to each other. It was clear their marriage was far from being rooted in convenience or merely trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Five Families.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam And Sonny Clear The Way For Carly And Jason To Fall In LoveAlthough Sonny and Carly didn’t work out, Jason wasn’t there to pick up the pieces of Carly’s broken heart.

Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) made a fine replacement for a short time, but despite being his twin, he’ll never be Jason. With him out of the way, can Carly and Jason finally be together?

GH Spoilers — Drew Cain Dipped Out

Carly was caught off guard when Drew showed up at her place with twenty questions about Jason. Did she see him? How long was he there? Where has he been? Was he involved in shooting Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna)?

There was very little that Carly could answer, but the truth was written all over her face. Jason was her priority, and Drew did become an afterthought to her.

Drew didn’t feel inclined to stick around and ride it out until it became more painfully obvious that he was no longer first in Carly’s life. One down, two to go?

General Hospital Spoilers — Sam McCall Backpedals

When Carly stopped by the hospital to check on Dante’s condition, she was shocked at the way Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) made her feel so unwelcome and chastised.

Requesting that Carly report directly to the police if she saw Jason again, Sam didn’t mince words when she relayed how she felt about the idea that her ex-husband — who was supposed to be dead — may have been responsible for trying to kill the man she’s currently in love with and hoping to spend her life with.

Now, Sam is about to meet with Jason, and she’s going to have a different take on the presumption of guilt she was toting around with her before.

Backing away from deeming Jason guilty until proven innocent, she’ll walk away from their interaction at peace and trusting that he’s not responsible for this crime. Will she convey that to Carly?

GH Spoilers — Sonny Corinthos Holds Firm

While Sam might be quick to renege on her prematurely formed opinion, Sonny won’t be feeling so generous. Right now, he’s less convinced that Jason is guilty compared to where Sam has been sitting.

After he comes face to face with Jason and understands the limited circumstances of the case that Federal Agent John ‘Jagger’ Cates (Adam Harrington) and Police Commissioner Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) are willing to share with him, he won’t be entirely convinced that Jason isn’t holding back in some way — and he’d be right.

By next week, there could be a fairly straightforward path for Carly and Jason to reunite — with Sam giving them her blessing and Sonny taking the side against Jason. While that might sound like a red flag in terms of Carly and Jason hooking up, it’s not.

She could never be with Jason if Sonny was still attached to either of them. Is this the beginning of Carly and Jason rekindling their marriage that could’ve been?

Keep checking back with us for more GH news and spoilers to see how this storyline plays out.

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