GH Spoilers: Ryan Paevey’s Shocking Decision – Why GH Alum’s Nathan West is Taking a Step Back from Acting

GH Spoilers: Ryan Paevey's Shocking Decision - Why GH Alum's Nathan West is Taking a Step Back from ActingGeneral Hospital (GH_ spoilers and updates reveal Ryan Paevey, also known as the late Nathan West, has gone in a new direction.

Also known to Hallmark Movie fans as Donovan Darcy, he’s taking some time off from acting, explaining he’s in a “dark place”.

General Hospital Spoilers: Things Have Gotten Out Of Hand On Social Media, For One Thing

In an Instagram video that caught everyone’s attention, the actor chose a unique way to break the news to his fans.

Prior to this, he had been sharing cryptic videos about ‘scammers’, leaving his followers curious.

With a dash of hesitation, Ryan mustered the courage to open up about the challenges he has been grappling with in the industry, especially when it comes to social media.

Beginning his statement with caution, the 39-year-old actor revealed his decision to step back from acting, leaving his fans both surprised and supportive.

Ryan went on to explain his upset with things getting out of hand on social media, including the twisting of his words by others.

GH Spoilers: Frustration With Misquotes And Downright Misrepresentation

Ryan posted, it was no secret that he’s become accustomed to a certain amount of gossip over time; however, the past few weeks have been a whole different ballgame.

Third parties have taken my words and exaggerated them to fit their own story, or worse, completely twisted my words and misunderstood their true intention.

He continued, noting he’s always been transparent, speaking his mind honestly and directly, saying it’s a shame that social media can distort words so easily.

Ryan said he only realizes it when his team alerts him, prompting him to address it formally through “HEAVY.” It sounds like Ryan is an extremely honest man and doesn’t want to have to continue to separate truth from fiction in his public life.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Industry’s And Social Media’s Intentional Confusion Has Affected His Mental Health

Ryan was quick to state that he isn’t the only one the Hollywood scene as it currently is has affected negatively.

He continued, saying lately, he’s been feeling in a bad place and not belonging in this industry, and it has taken a toll on his mental well-being.

It’s led him down a path he’s not proud of, where he’s become a version of himself that he doesn’t particularly like.

Then Ryan said that he wants to apologize for expressing my frustration and anger publicly, in particular to his fans who he obviously values.

It sounds like he’s been under tremendous stress and feeling disillusioned-we all certainly wish him the best and hope things improve.

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