GH Spoilers: Molly Watches As Kristina Falls For Blaze — And Everything Changes

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Molly Lansing Davis (Kristen Vaganos) expressed her delight — with a generous helping of concern — when she realized Kristina Corinthos Davis (Kate Mansi) was more than just friends with Blaze (Jacqueline Lopez).

General Hospital Spoilers — Kristina Being Unreasonable?

Molly doesn’t want to see Kristina get hurt by hooking up with someone who is still so firmly in the closet, but Kristina is going to do what Kristina wants to do. She’s not being unreasonable.

Right now, her relationship with Blaze is casual, and she can’t expect the singer to come out of that closet if their innocent flirtation with a real relationship might not lead anywhere at all.

GH Spoilers: Molly Watches As Kristina Falls For Blaze — And Everything ChangesStill, as Molly watches Kristina grow more interested in the pop star, she’ll become more concerned that everything is bound to come to a head — and will worry about what that could mean for the happy family she’s planning with TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow).

GH Spoilers — Kristina Grows Uncomfortable

Kristina knew the moment that Blaze pulled away from holding her hand in Rice Plaza over the holidays that she never wanted to feel that way again.

In fact, it made her pull away from Blaze altogether. She wasn’t going to be somebody’s dirty little secret.

Being gay isn’t a problem for her, but she does understand the pressure Blaze must feel to please the music industry, as well as her family.

So she’s giving her a pass, for now, until they can get a better idea of where this union between them is headed.

When it starts to feel like it’s going in the right direction —- and Blaze still isn’t ready to tell the truth to anyone who matters in her life — Kristina will be faced with a fork in the road. Which way will she go?

General Hospital Spoilers — TJ Learns the Truth

Molly made it quite clear to Kristina that she needed to tell TJ the truth about her sister’s relationship with Blaze. After all, this is his baby Kristina is carrying, too.

Still, neither of them ever expected her not to pursue a relationship while she was pregnant with their child; Molly was just surprised because Kristina had been single for so long.

When Kristina is forced to choose between being single again or being Blaze’s secret lover, both Molly and TJ will be stunned that she chooses the latter.

Will they have any room to dictate how she handles her relationship with Blaze though?

GH Spoilers —And Baby Makes Three

TJ and Molly might argue that Blaze hasn’t had a good impact on Kristina’s life and overall well-being.

Maybe they’ll be concerned about the emotional distress caused by Krissy falling in love with a woman who is seemingly never going to tell anyone about her.

That’s fair, and Kristina probably won’t dismiss their concerns if she is, in fact, often upset by Blaze’s actions.

But where do they draw the line if they disagree? Will Kristina take a page from Blaze’s book and decide she just won’t tell her sister and brother-in-law about their relationship anymore?

Is this all leading up to a massive disagreement over personal beliefs that clash with parenting styles and cause Kristina to second-guess giving this baby to her sister?

Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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