GH Spoilers: John Cates Officially Introduces Himself To Carly, She Shuts Him Down

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease in this week’s Sneak Peek, John Cates (Adam Harrington) officially introduces himself to Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) at Bobbie’s. Carly will get a feeling that he’s not there just for a cup of coffee when he tells her who he is, however, and she’ll shut him down.

General Hospital Spoilers – Carly Spencer’s Happy And In Her Element

After walking out on Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) as the editor-in-chief of Crimson Magazine, she’s happy and back in her element at Bobbie’s.

She brings a customer his meal, saying here you go-enjoy, and quickly bustles back to behind the counter. Then Cates walks in the front door, and she remembers him from when he was there before, saying a happy hello.

 General Hospital Spoilers: John Cates Officially Introduces Himself To Carly At Bobbie’sThat time, he had first come to town and Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) had come to talk and had Leo Quartermaine (Easton Rocket Sweda) with her.

He was at the table by himself and Cates had sat down with him and seemed to make a new friend, mentioning he had an autistic son.

GH Spoilers – He Used To Work At Bobbie’s When It Was Called Kelly’s

After Olivia and Leo left, he mentioned to Carly about his having worked at Kelly’s long ago when it was still called Kelly’s.

However, his time in Port Charles had come to an end by the time that Carly showed up looking for her mother Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) and was a troublemaker.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was in town and running a club where Cates’ first wife Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne) had been stripping.

Back to the present, Carly tells him to sit anywhere he likes and he hangs his coat on the coat tree and proceeds to sit at the counter.

Cates tells Carly she owns the place, she shouldn’t be serving tables-she explains one of her waitresses was running late, so there she is.

General Hospital Spoilers – Coffee And Conversation

Carly smiles as she tells him she doesn’t mind serving him as she folds a towel, and asks if he wants some coffee-he does, and pours him a cup of regular.

She reminds him the last time they met he didn’t tell her why he is in town, and he tells her he’s there for work. Carly asks him what he does, and that’s when he tells her he’s with the FBI-John Cates.

Carly’s smile quickly fades, she’ll figure he’s there about Sonny-and she shuts him down. She’ll tell him right up front if he’s there about Sonny, he’s wasting his time-she’s not telling him anything!

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