GH Spoilers: As Drew Announces His Run For Congress, Kim And Her Son Come Out Of The Woodwork

General Hospital Spoilers: As Drew Announces His Run For Congress, Kim And Her Son Come Out Of The WoodworkGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Drew Quartermaine (Cameron Mathison) will soon announce his run for Congressman Larry McConkey’s (Sam McMurray) seat in office, and he’s expecting all kinds of hurdles along the way that will leave him exhausted and his head spinning. 

Still, he believes he’s prepared for every unexpected event, but he has no idea what is headed his way.

As more talk of him going on the road with his campaign surfaces, we have to wonder whether he is bound to bump into familiar faces from the past across the state of New York.

Drew doesn’t get out of Port Charles too often, but when he does, it’s usually not just for a quick jaunt to New York City.

So it’s unlikely he would run into Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) and her baby boy — Andrew. Yes, you read that right. Will Drew be able to keep his concerns about an alleged secret child separate from his up-and-coming reputation as a prized politician?

General Hospital Spoilers — It’s A Boy!

A few years back, before GH killed off Julian Jerome (William deVry), we saw him make a pit stop in Manhattan at Kim’s apartment. Maybe he was looking to say goodbye before Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) caught up with him and did him in — which he ultimately did.

Perhaps he was looking for a place to hide out, although that would never have lasted long and only would have placed Kim in harm’s way. But since when has Julian ever cared whether any harm came to a woman he cared about?

Regardless, during that visit, Julian was oblivious as we learned that Kim had given birth to a baby boy she named Andrew, but that Julian was actually his biological father.

GH Spoilers – Hint It’s A Lie!

When Kim springs back into Drew’s life, we imagine it’ll be rather surreal for him. Since she left town, we’ve been given no context about whether or not they kept in touch.

Sure, she is Oscar Nero-Quartermaine’s (Garren Stitt) mother, but she also tried to drug Drew and get pregnant with his next child! He probably hasn’t forgotten that.

Still, if we know Drew, he’ll be cordial upon seeing her —- and probably taken aback that there is actually a child in her arms.

Will he instantly put two and two together and mistake their drug-induced night together as having produced a child he never knew about? Will she let him take it there?

General Hospital Spoilers — Drew Cain Won’t Know Until It’s Too Late

Word on the street is Kim is going to milk this opportunity for all it’s worth. For starters, she’ll know that a scandal is the last thing Drew needs during election season.

It can all blow up after he wins the seat he’s gunning for, but until then, his image needs to remain pristine.

Optics are everything in politics, even if the true story does paint him as the victim and Kim as a predator.

Will he end up falling in love with this child in the meantime and accepting him as his own only to learn down the road that the baby boy he believes is his son is actually a Jerome? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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