Former Friend Serves Prince Harry Humble Pie

Former Friend Serves Prince Harry Humble PieA former friend of Prince Harry is serving him some humble pie. They have a scathing message for the former royal.

Harry slammed the family in his memoir, Spare. He also recalled some of the most painful moments of his life. However, some people who used to be in his inner circle claim that he’s acting like the victim. Read on to learn more.

Prince Harry Needs To Humble Himself

According to a new report, Prince Harry needs a huge slice of humble pie. A former friend of the ex-royal shared that he is “the furthest thing from a victim.”

The Duke of Sussex released his first-ever memoir, Spare. At the time, Harry didn’t hold back on his feelings for the royal family.

He made explosive claims about his family members. Harry also spoke candidly about some of the worst times in his life.

In his memoir, he also addressed his strained relationship with his brother Prince William. He recalled their infamous fight. Harry also shared that King Charles joked about whether he was his father.

A former friend spoke out against Prince Harry. This person shared a scathing message for the ex-royal” Get over yourself.”

The man in question, who used the pseudonym Edward Charles Featherstone, admitted that Harry had changed from when they first met. He conversed with The Mirror via letter about Harry’s memoir, which he called “disappointing.”

“It really just says get over yourself, you’re not a victim and you were part of a noble cause as the torch bearer of the Invictus and what you’re doing now and what you’re doing to your family is, I think, inappropriate,” he wrote.

Prince Harry’s Former Friend Speaks Out

Elsewhere, in the letter, Prince Harry’s former friend claims they’re working on their own book. It’s called The Rude Beginning.

However, it has yet to be picked up by a publishing agent. Harry will also receive a letter from this friend one day.

“I’ve written a letter to him which at some point I will publish,” the ex-friend continued. “Whether I do lowkey on the H2Z website or the Rude Chronicles website, or whether I do it slightly more upbeat and take a page in the LA Times remains to be seen. But at some point, I will probably publish that letter.”

He wants to keep this letter “for the future.” What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Prince Harry needs some humble pie? Do you think he changed? Sound off below in the comment section.

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