Facebook Shuts Down 90 Day Fiancé Star Mary De Nuccio’s Page Over Awful Cancer Claims

90 Day Fiancé reality star Mary De Nuccio is dealing with yet another scandal. Her recent claims about having colon cancer could be fake, and now she’s facing some backlash. On top of everything else, she got her Facebook page shut down. Still, despite all this, the 23-year-old is standing firm on her statements.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Star Mary De Nuccio’s Fake Cancer Claim

Some users on Reddit have been stating that Mary is lying about her colon cancer diagnosis. The reality TV star recently posted medical papers that show zero signs of the condition.

Redditors have discovered that she is fine and might only have an ulcer or simply an “upset stomach”.

Facebook Shuts Down 90 Day Fiancé Star Mary De Nuccio’s Page Over Awful Cancer ClaimsMary and her hubby Brandan De Nuccio organized a fundraiser quickly after her colon cancer claim, and many are slamming the two as they asked for $250K, which the couple later refuted.

Some Reddit users are also stating Mary is “scamming” followers, while others are looking at how to get their donations refunded.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Star Mary De Nuccio’s Facebook Page Shut Down

Some followers reported Mary’s Facebook page, which resulted in its shutdown. In an Instagram Stories post, De Nuccio is calling out those who have reported her online, expressing how disgusted she is that some individuals could be “happy” when she dies.

She notes that she “won’t do any medication or go back to the hospital”, adding that she hopes when she dies these people will realize it is not okay to “bash and judge” someone when you “don’t know what’s going on in their lives.”

Still, as Mary has been called out for scamming people in the past, it’s hard to judge whether or not she’s telling the truth. She raised concern before when she created a fundraiser asking followers to help her buy a laptop for work.

It was later uncovered that she and Brandan were looking to paint their new house, which would suggest that she certainly had enough money to buy a laptop, herself.

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