EastEnders Spoilers: Is Maya Who Harvey Thinks She Is-What Are Her Motives?

EastEnders spoilers and updates tease Maya Houssain (Bharti Patel) may not be who Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) thinks she is. What could be her motives for looking into his son Aaron Monroe’s (Charlie Wernham) extremist past?

EastEnders Spoilers – Maya Houssain And Harvey  Monroe Became Close

Maya’s connection with Harvey Monroe has grown stronger in recent weeks, all thanks to their mutual love for football; it all started when Harvey generously offered her a ride in his taxi.

Being lonely after Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) and Tom “Rocky” Cotton (Brian Conley) bid farewell, Harvey was thrilled to have a new friend.

EastEnders Spoilers: Is Maya Who Harvey Thinks She Is-What Are Her Motives?However, Harvey stumbled upon something unexpected when he tried to locate Maya–she had deliberately deleted her online presence, leaving him confused and concerned.

She tried to convince Harvey that she feared being scammed after the death of her husband; however, viewers couldn’t help but maintain their doubts about her true motives.

As suspicions continue to brew, the upcoming week will bring Harvey and Maya even closer when they share a lunch together after Maya gets stood up by a friend.

EastEnders Spoilers – The Pair Talk About Family, Harvey Monroe Reveals Aaron Monroe’s Past

The two individuals engage in a conversation about their families, leading Harvey to open up about his son Aaron’s troubled past, which is very painful for him to discuss.

Aaron, who was part of the soap’s far-right plot storyline, is now serving time in Newcastle for his involvement in a bomb scheme at the Square.

When he returned home with blood stains and bruises, it was unveiled that Aaron was part of a hate group targeting Blacks and Muslims, the truth causing his father great distress.

Aaron turned to his father for a false alibi following his identification by a witness in the assault-might Maya have been that witness, or otherwise involved? Harvey reluctantly agreed to assist Aaron, stipulating that he must cut ties with the far-right group.

EastEnders Spoilers – Aaron Monroe’s True Colors Revealed, Maya Houssain Investigates His Past

However, Aaron’s true colors were revealed when he defaced the old Argee Bhajee restaurant with a Nazi symbol, showcasing his unwavering dedication to the extremist group, with no intention of leaving.

After their meeting, Maya ignores Harvey’s messages, causing him to fear that he has pushed her away-as viewers witness Maya digging into Aaron’s criminal past, important questions arise.

What connection does she have to the man Aaron targeted, could she be related to him or perhaps even his wife, or could she have been victimized also?

Harvey is left questioning whether his bond with Maya has been irreparably damaged after the bombshell about Aaron-how will Maya react to the unsettling truths she uncovers?

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