DOOL Spoilers: The Greene Family Secret Mystery – Where Are Their Parents?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: The Greene Family Secret Mystery – Where Are Their Parents?Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers indicate a fresh new family that’s arrived in Salem, as the Greene siblings have all made their debuts onscreen.

Aaron Greene (Louis Tomeo) first arrived on canvas as Tate Black’s (Leo Howard) best friend, then Felicity Greene (Kennedy Garcia) his little sister was introduced as a friend to Chanel DiMera (Raven Bowens) who visits Sweet Bits, and more recently, Mark Greene (Jonah Robinson) debuted as a doctor at the hospital, the eldest sibling of the bunch.

But does this family have a secret and where exactly are their parents?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers –  Is Mark Greene The Sole Caretaker Of His Family?

DOOL spoilers note that Mark knew a lot about Chanel and Sweet Bits as he mentioned Felicity had told him about her visits to the bakery. It’s hard to tell if Mark lives on his own or still lives with the family.

However, it would also be difficult to fathom that he would still be under his parents’ roof as a grown adult who has a medical career.

Another piece to this puzzle is the fact that he knew so much going on in Felicity’s life, almost like he does live with her.

Not to say that if he lived on his own, he wouldn’t be close to his sister and talk, but could there be a chance that he’s the sole caretaker of his younger sister and brother because his parents aren’t around?

DOOL Spoilers – Chanel DiMera’s Pregnancy Crisis

Have one or both of the parents abandoned their children? Maybe the father or mother died or left the family, leaving one parent to care for all the kids, and said single parent also took off, because “life” got too hard for them as a sole caretaker. Mark may have decided to step up and take care of his siblings.

One of the strongest messages from Chanel’s radiation exposure while being pregnant has been how special Felicity is, and what a blessing she is to her parents, despite her differing abilities.

Chanel’s not wrong, and just because the young lady has Downs syndrome, doesn’t mean her life is meaningless and that she doesn’t offer her family, and everyone she comes into contact with, happiness and joy, just by being around them.

Still, there are hints that this pregnancy, and child, could create a wedge in the Janel romance. If Chanel finds out that Felicity’s family struggled with this, will she second guess her decision to continue with this pregnancy?

Does the Greene family have a secret? What do you think comes next for them? Comment down below. Cath the popular Peacock soap regularly to stay on top of all the drama in Salem and visit this site often for the best Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates, and news.

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