DOOL Disaster: A Pointless Horton House Fire?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) took a huge risk when it decided to burn down an iconic part of Salem — and there better be a good reason for this controversial choice.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Horton House Is A Soap Opera Legend

The Horton House set has been a part of Days of Our Lives since the soap’s very first episode on November 8, 1965.

Tom Horton (Macdonald Carey) and Alice Horton (Frances Reid) received a phone call that their teenage granddaughter Julie had been caught shoplifting and thus began Salem drama for the next (nearly) six decades.

Days Of Our Lives Disaster: A Pointless Horton House Fire?There is no more familiar DAYS location than the Horton House where the family gathers each Christmas to hang ornaments on the tree. But, was Christmas of 2023 the last time we would ever see this daytime television tradition?

As Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) pointed out as she watched the house burn down, all their memories and possessions were inside that house, including the precious ornaments.

DOOL Spoilers – Does DAYS Know What It Did?

In a time where soaps seem to be a dying genre and fans wonder if DAYS will make it past its 60th anniversary next year, it might not seem like the time to burn down the show’s most legendary setting, but what if we get great and shocking story out of it?

Now, it’s time for Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) to do some more investigating and find out who the arsonist was who set the house ablaze.

Could it be someone from Salem’s past who lost their mind or from the Horton family’s past who is now back in Salem bent on revenge? Or could it be someone mild-mannered whom everyone trusts with very little reason?

Could this story bring more family back to Salem as they try to rebuild the house, thus leading to the identity of the person who burned it down?

To take away something so treasured from the show’s past can only mean there is something better in store for the future that will blow fans away, right? If not, then DAYS and the behind-the-scenes decisions are more in peril than we thought.

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