Christine Brown Finds Shady ‘Cure’ For Menopause

Christine Brown has Sister Wives fans in an uproar once again. She was the fan-favorite of the TLC series. However, she has dealt with her share of social media backlash in recent weeks. Fans were reminded of her shady deals. Read on to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Has Sleepless Nights

In a new Instagram post, Christine Brown admitted that she struggled with sleepless nights. She opened up about her experience with menopause.

The reality star claims to have found a cure for it. Christine shared a selfie of herself in a sheer yellow blouse.

Christine Brown Finds Shady 'Cure' For MenopauseHer wavy blonde hair was draped over her shoulders. In the next slide, Christine included a poster that read: “What do I need to know about menopause?” The TLC admitted in the caption that she’s had her share of sleepless nights. She also revealed some of the other symptoms she experiences.

“Navigating menopause felt like a battle against relentless discomfort, hot flashes during the day,” Christine Brown explained. “Sleepless nights, drenched in sweat, and mood swings that left me feeling unrecognizable. I was desperate for a solution that could restore my sense could restore my sense of normalcy and well-being.”

The Sister Wives star tagged her Healthy Living Co. Instagram page, which features Janelle Brown and their daughters. Fans are upset with her claiming to have found a “solution” for her menopause symptoms.

Some fans noticed that the Instagram page promoted Plexus Slim, also known as the “Pink Drink,” which also claims to contribute to weight loss.

Sister Wives Fans Spoilers – Slam Shady Business

Christine Brown turned off comments on her Instagram post. However, fans took to Reddit to discuss the controversial post. Most of them admitted that they love her work ethic, but this post felt icky to read.

Redditors wish that Christine would break up with her love of shady businesses like she dumped Kody Brown. They would love her more if she found a legitimate means to generate income.

Here are some of the comments on the thread:
“A cure for menopause? Must be nice to have a PhD in ‘Turning Back the Biological Clock.’ I’ll stick to my ice cream therapy, thanks.”

“Her and her kid need to stop going around giving out absolutely false medical advice to their obviously brain-dead fans.”

“There is a cure for menopause? Hahahahahaha. And of course, she has comments turned off. Apparently, she can’t stand by what she’s saying.”

“I know people shame Meri for being an MLM, but damn at least she’s not promoting false health claims like Christine or pretending to be a wellness guru like Janelle.”

Sister Wives fans previously called out Meri Brown for her shady business ethics. She launched a new business, which has a $99 membership. Fans wanted to know what the membership entailed. Meri has likened herself to a life coach in the past.

What are your thoughts on Christine Brown’s cure for menopause? Do you agree that she should break up with these shady business practices? Sound off below in the comment section.

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