Christine Brown Encourages Fans To Do Scary Things

Christine Brown encouraged fans to do scary things. The Sister Wives star loves to share inspirational posts with her followers on Instagram. Christine’s happier than ever since she found love again with David Woolley. She also reflected on the day when she wasn’t as happy. In a new Instagram post, Christine shared a powerful message that impacted fans. Keep on reading to learn more.

Christine Brown – Reflects On The Past

Sister Wives fans criticized Christine Brown for dwelling on the past, especially since she’s happier than ever these days. She came a long way ever since she was married to Kody Brown. The TLC star revealed that many people have come to her to do the same.

“Over the last few years, many people have reached out to me, looking for the courage to make a change,” Christine shared in her recent Instagram post. “Let this be the day that you step out into the uncomfortable, unfamiliar or even the scary. Change is scary. But we can do scary things.”

Christine Brown Encourages Fans To Do Scary ThingsChristine Brown encouraged fans to step out into the unknown, even if it scares them. Sister Wives fans were touched by the message. Most of them hated to see her suffer in her marriage to Kody Brown. Here are just some of the comments:

“Everything we want is outside of our comfort zone. Congratulations on making that move!” one fan wrote.

“Your transformation in these pictures is beautiful. Wishing you the best life possible,” another user noted.

“What a transformation. The happy look of thriving, not just surviving is really something when you see it in photos,” a third fan wrote.

Sister Wives Season 19 Spoilers – Christine Brown’s Dating Life Revealed

Fans are excited to see where Christine Brown’s life will lead her. Sister Wives Season 19 is expected to premiere in August or September. New details have come out about the upcoming season.

Christine’s dating life will be a major storyline even though fans watched her wedding to David Woolley at the end of Season 18.

Most fans wish the producers wouldn’t take so long to film and edit these shows. They want to know what Christine’s marriage life is currently like.

What are your thoughts on her Instagram post? Did you find it inspiring? What storylines would you like to see in Season 19? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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