Alaskan Bush People Snowbird Brown Updates Fans On Recent Health Crisis

Snowbird Brown, from Alaskan Bush People (ABP) fame, hopped on social media recently to update fans about a shocking health emergency she went through. Looks like doctors discovered an eight-pound tumor, that was thankfully removed.
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Alaskan Bush People Spoilers – Star, Snowbird Brown Dealt With Tumors

Snowbird recently had emergency abdominal surgery. In an Instagram video post, she shared an update that she had two tumors on her ovaries, one that weighed four pounds, and the other that weighed eight pounds.

In the IG video post, Snowbird reveals that the ordeal was “rough”, and even the healing has been difficult.

“Alaskan Bush People” Star Snowbird Brown Updates Fans On Recent Health CrisisStill, the good news is that she has completely recovered. The even better news is that the tumors were not cancerous, rather they were cystic.

Still, Snowbird said that the tumors could return, and if they do, there’s an 80 percent chance they could be cancerous.

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers – Snowbird Brown’s Doctors Keeping A Close Eye

Further into Snowbird’s IG post, the reality star states that there are more rounds of tests, including blood tests coming, every once in a while, to ensure the tumors don’t return.

This means her doctors must keep a close eye on her. The silver lining is that no tumors have surfaced during her latest round of tests, but she does have her six-month post-op in Seattle, soon. She concluded the video by thanking fans for their support and love.

Sadly, Snowbird’s health ailments aren’t the only thing she’s dealing with, as her mom, Ami Brown, was hospitalized recently with a terrible case of pneumonia. It’s important to note that while she was in remission, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, some years back.

Still, with Ami’s health history, pneumonia can cause serious complications, so it was a good decision to head to the hospital when she did. Snowbird’s mom has since been released and is home recovering.

On behalf of everyone here, we send healing vibes to both Ami and Snowbird Brown for their respective conditions. Make sure to visit SOS often for the best reality TV spoilers, news, and updates.

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