Will Yellowstone Star Lainey Wilson Return For Part 2 Of Season 5?

Lainey Wilson on whether she will return in Yellowstone
Lainey Wilson [Image @laineywilsonmusic/Instagram]

Meta-tag: With Ryan helping to move the cattle to Texas, what does this mean for Lainey Wilson’s character, Abby?

With all the many controversies surrounding the Paramount series Yellowstone, the show regularly makes the entertainment headlines. However, those fans who love Lainey Wilson’s role in the series as Abby, a country singer, want to know if she will be around for the second part of season 5. She recently opened up about whether she will return to the show for the last few episodes ever of the popular series.

Yellowstone star Lainey Wilson on whether she will reprise her role

What with accusations about Kevin Costner and his willingness to continue filming Yellowstone, the show has caused major headlines. For quite a while, it was rumored that the modern Western show was coming to an end.  Unfortunately, the latter rumors turned out to be true, as season 5 will be the parent series’ end.

Yellowstone and country music star Lainey Wilson
Lainey Wilson [Image CMT/YouTube]

However, fans of Lainey Wilson and her celebrated country music sound, are wondering if her character, Abby, will return in part 2 of season 5. We now know that those episodes will air in November 2023, after previously announced for the summer of 2023.

Lainey Wilson’s role in the hit modern Western

Country star Lainey joined the show in part 1 of season 5, where her romance with Ryan (Ian Bowen) was just heating up. However, Ryan discovered he would be involved in moving cattle from Yellowstone Ranch to Texas and would be away for a year. On the show, Ryan explained his decision to Abby, while comparing his cowboy life to her career as a country singer. She quickly kissed him, saying, “Chasing a dream? That I understand, and I hope you catch it,” adding, “I just wish that dream was me.”

While her character Abby first appeared in season 5, the singer herself has had a relationship with Yellowstone that goes back even further. In fact, dating back to season 2, seven of Wilson’s songs have featured in the soundtrack.

Lainey Wilson’s music and Yellowstone

Lainey Wilson on whether she will return in Yellowstone
Lainey Wilson [Image @laineywilsonmusic/Instagram]

Abby first appeared in the show’s fifth season, but the singer’s relationship with the show goes back even further. Seven of her songs have been featured on the Yellowstone soundtrack, dating back to season 2.

Speaking to Country Living about her possible return to Yellowstone, Lainey said, “I’m realizing that the TV business is just as crazy, if not crazier, than the music business.” She went on to say that she was waiting for the show’s boss, Taylor Sheridan, to give her the green light. Wilson added that between her tour and everything else, they would “figure it out.”

The country singer went on to joke, saying:

I laugh and say he hasn’t taken me to the train station yet so I could easily be back in there, so we’ll see.

However, whether she reprises the role or not, Wilson is grateful for the experience on the show and the exposure that it gives her. While songwriting and performing will always be her priority, she wouldn’t say no to more episodes of Yellowstone. She added that the hit modern Western has opened a new door for her, adding: “The step outside my comfort zone has been fun.”

Just like Taylor Sheridan nets Hollywood actors for Yellowstone and its prequels, he also has the touch for finding country artists to star. Speaking of Luke Grimes, Ryan Bingham, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Lainey said it helps them be creative in different ways. Meanwhile, she said Yellowstone helps them see something in themselves before they see it themselves.

Here’s hoping that Lainey Wilson will reprise her role of Abby in part 2 of the final season 5 when it airs (cross fingers) in November 2023.  Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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