Who Played Heather Webber On General Hospital?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Heather Webber (Allie Mills) is far from being a new character on General Hospital.

However, Allie Mills has not been in the role for very long. Allie began playing Heather in 2022 and is still currently in the role. Who played Heather before Allie took over the role?

General Hospital Spoilers – Heather Webber Has Had A Few Faces

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that when Heather arrived in Port Charles in 1976, she was played by Cher’s sister, Georganne LaPiere.

In August 1977 LaPiere decided to leave the role to try to become a movie star. Mary O’Brien quickly took over the role in September 1977 and played Heather until July 1979 when Heather overdosed on LSD.

Who Played Heather Webber On General Hospital?Robin Mattson took over the role in October 1980 and left in September 1983. Mattson then returned in 2004, then again in 2012, 2014, and several times in 2016.

Mattson has held the role the longest and as crazy as Heather is, fans seem to love Mattson in the role much more than they do anyone else so far. In 2022, Allie Mills stepped into the role of Heather.

GH Spoilers – Heather Webber Certainly Brings Chaos

Heather has been in a great deal of issues all of her life on GH. However, Heather seems to have a real knack for giving babies away or stealing them, whatever the case may be.

After all, Heather didn’t raise her son Steve Webber (ex-Scott Reeves). Heather also gave away Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison), Jason Morgan’s (ex-Steve Burton) twin.

Heather went on later to kidnap Jason and Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) son and even tried to kill herself and the baby in a fall off the roof of General Hospital.

Heather was also stabbed by her son Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and buried alive. Robin’s version of Heather has received the most airtime and the most interesting stories so far.

General Hospital Spoilers – Allie Mills Takes Over As Heather Webber

When Heather was needed for a storyline in 2022, Robin Mattson revealed that she could not play the role because of health issues.

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However Allie was ready and willing, and a bit nervous to take over. Allie admitted to catching up on Heather’s scenes to get the character down. Mills did a very good job at nailing the important points of Heather.

Mills plays very well with Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) as well. Heather is scary to most people but for a young woman who had no idea that this lunatic was her mother, Mills did amazing.

Esme and Heather’s scenes are actually kind of interesting considering that she was just one more child that Heather gave up. Will Heather ever make amends with Esme?

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