Whitney Way Thore Gets Nurses Ranting

Whitney Way Thore often gets criticized by fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and this time, she got nurses raging. After a recent episode in Season 11, some qualified nurses feel that she insulted their profession. How did she insult them? Why are they so irritated with the scene they saw on TLC? Read on to find out.

Whitney Way Thore Spoilers – Gets Nurses Upset

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 saw a lot of haters saying some nasty things about Glenn Thore’s daughter. It all started when the first preview dropped and viewers saw that the TLC show would air the funeral of Babs.

Glenn’s wife was seen in the previous season feeling very ill. Recall, that she suffered a second stroke. It seemed wrong and many fans complained.

Whitney Way Thore Gets Nurses RantingAfter all, it was painful to watch the invasion of her privacy. So, the funeral of Babs being shown on national TV really upset viewers.

Whitney Way Thore also revealed that she has a half-sister named Angie. Almost everybody agreed that the story was fake.

Probably, that started because leaks way ahead of the season suggested that she has a half-brother who refused to film for the show. Meanwhile, others troll her because of the way she treats her friends.

Furthermore, they believe that most of her boyfriends are actually fake relationships. And now The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star managed to upset nurses.

Whitney Way Thore Spoilers – Assesses Her Dad’s Health

Glenn Thore picked something to do off a bucket life when Hunter suggested he needed to get out and do more. One thing he chose was indoor skydiving.

In the TLC episode, fans saw that his daughter managed to do the activity. However, it was with some difficulty as she only just weighed in under the maximum weight.

Folks didn’t really troll her for that. However, they did complain when she decided that she knew all about her dad’s health. In fact, she claimed that she “cleared” him for physical activity.

Whitney Way Thore Gets Nurses Ranting

Whitney Way Thore’s dad even seemed a bit surprised, saying, “She’s making a house call.” That came when she tested his oxygen level and said, “Your oxygen levels are 96…I prefer 97 & above personally.”Well, some fans who are not nurses did troll her for treating her dad like an overgrown toddler. However, it was the nursing community that felt insulted. On Reddit, one of them said, “I’m a nurse. Her little act insulted me big time.” 

Whitney Way Thore Spoilers – More Ranting From Nurses

One medical professional pointed out that no matter what Whitney Way Thore might think or do if her dad isn’t a smoker, then she can change nothing about his oxygen.

They wrote, “Your O2 sats (oxygen level in your blood) is not something that you can change or improve really or control. It’s an objective (not subjective) bit of medical info. It’s factual, it’s data. It helps paint a picture of how well (or poorly) your body/organs/cells are getting oxygen delivered to them. So you can “prefer” a 97-98-99-100. But it’s not like he has any control over the actual number.”

Do you understand why the nurses feel insulted by the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star? What are your thoughts about Glenn Thore being treated like a mentally deficient old man who needs his daughter to nurse him? Is Whitney projecting after her mom’s illness? Let us know in the comments below.

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