What Is Anna’s Situation With Jim Bob & Michelle?

Anna Duggar Fans are wanting to know about Anna Duggar’s situation with Jim Bob and Michelle. Rumors are swirling that she got kicked out of the compound and fans want the truth. Keep on reading for the new details.

Anna Duggar – Kicked Out Of Compound?

According to the rumors, Anna Duggar was kicked out of Jim Bob and Michelle’s house. The rumors first started in a report by The U.S. Sun. An alleged source claimed that Anna isn’t on good terms with Josh’s parents. They had an argument that led her to get kicked out of the Arkansas warehouse.

Anna has been living with Jim Bob and Michelle ever since Josh entered prison. He’s currently serving his 151-month sentence for receiving and possessing child pornography. An alleged insider told The U.S. Sun that their relationship has crumbled. Anna no longer lives on the Duggar compound.

“Jim Bob made Anna move out of the warehouse on his property a month and a half ago. They got into an argument. She’s been in Texas visiting Josh,” the insider told the publication.

The U.S. Sun also obtained the official photos of multiple cars parked around the compound. Anna resided there with her seven kids. She moved into the old warehouse when Josh was sentenced to prison in May 2021. The source told the outlet that there was action around the warehouse.

There was an SUV parked out there on the night of the sentencing. It was the same vehicle that transported Anna to and from the court. The U.S. Sun previously reported that Anna and Jim Bob haven’t gotten along lately. Anna ignored him when he arrived at the courtroom.

“Jim Bob walked to Anna’s row to sit down when he entered the courtroom,” an alleged source said at the time. “Anna and her family just started at Jim Bob while he waited for her family to make room for him. Her family members eventually moved down so he could sit, but Jim Bob and Anna did not greet each other or interact.”

Anna Duggar – What’s The Truth?

Fans are wondering if there is any truth to the rumors. What’s Anna Duggar’s situation with Jim Bob and Michelle? There have been many threads questioning the report on the DuggarsSnark subreddit. Most claim they don’t believe that Anna was kicked out.

Some argued that she moved into a property she purchased with Josh. Others suggest there could be truth to the rumors since the reports maintain that she argues with Jim Bob.

What are your thoughts on Anna’s situation with Jim Bob and Michelle? Sound off below in the comment section.

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