Welcome to Plathville Moriah Plath Startles Fans With New Song

Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath launched a new song on Thursday. and startled fans who were expecting Lydia’s new song to drop on Friday. Besides that, some TLC fans were puzzled by the cover. Read on to find out more.

Moriah Plath – Dropped A Song After Baptism

Lydia has been making music for a while. She likes to sing beautiful songs about God. However, she’s been way closer to Jesus than her bigger sister. And she never left home, called herself a rebel, wore skimpy shorts, or came over as darkly Gothic. Therefore, she didn’t need to go back to her family and ask her father to baptize her in a swamp-like pond. That startled some people because they saw Lydia’s sister dressed in black for the Christian ritual.

Moriah Plath always seemed troubled, even before she met Max Kallschmidt. He rode a motorcycle and that startled her mother, Kim. Actually, there’s a strange amount of startled people in Morah’s circles. Even she seemed startled that Max broke up with her after she kept on flaunting herself in the skimpiest of clothing. Not to mention that Ethan got a shock when he got home to find his sister had run away and gone back to her father.

Welcome to Plathville Moriah Plath Startles Fans With New SongMoriah Plath – Reveals Her Song Is Called Growing Pains

The Welcome to Plathville star took to her Instagram profile page late on September 28 and shared about her new song. In her caption, she said, “New single ‘Growing Pains’ OUT NOW on every streaming platform! Link in bio!” Next, she credited all the people involved, and noted that the photography was done by “@thebloodkind.”

Moriah Plath Startles Fans With New Song

Moriah Plath said that the lyrics and vocals were done by her. Additionally, she posted a snippet of the words:

“I did it without thinking,
Blamed it all on my past.
Blamed you for the pain I put me through, till at last…”
~ Moriah Jasper

Some fans were a bit shocked by the cover because it looked all dark again. Possibly, they expected a happier, brighter person after the baptism. One critic said, “You’re turning into a scarier person by the month it seems like nothing to be proud of, but ashamed of!! You don’t look “Christian” at all as you say…turning more into a devil looking person..” Mind you, many people liked the tattoos on her arms that read “Forgiven Rebel.”

Moriah Plath – Reactions By Welcome To Plathville Fans

Moriah Plath, some fans think, could have sung a bit louder. One fan said, “Its hard to even hear what your (sic) singing because of the instrumental in the background. I dont know. …But good for you for finding a hobby making music.”

Others wondered about her tattoos and her newly rekindled Christian faith. One of them snarked, “Why so many tattoos?? That’s gross.” However other TLC fans were kinder because they think that she needs a lot of therapy.

Tell us what you think of the cover for Moriah’s new song, Growing Pains.  Do you think that it seems a bit odd seeing she just ran back to Jesus and got baptized? What are your thoughts about her dropping it just a day before her sister Lydia? After you share your views in the comments below, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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