Welcome To Plathville Fans Shout Out Amber Plath

Welcome To Plathville fans didn’t get to know much about Amber Plath through all five seasons. However, they shouted her out because what they had seen, they liked. Actually, she was very much in the background with her other younger siblings in Seasons 1, 2, and three. It was only in Season 4 that she had much to say.

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Micah, Isaac, Moriah, Lydia & Amber Plath

In Season 1, fans basically got to know Kim and Barry, and Ethan and Olivia. Although they saw a little bit about Micah and Moriah, very little of the screen time showed much of the younger children. By Season 3, Lydia started to feature a little bit. However, when Kim lost her mind, had a mid-life crisis, and rushed a divorce from Barry, Amber Plath finally had something to say that was worth listening to.

Welcome To Plathville fans saw that in the current season, Moriah is still acting like a victim of some natural disaster. Although she got baptized, she doesn’t seem any happier for it. Additionally, she mopes around when she’s not backstabbing Olivia. Lydia is super-religious, Isaac gets a bit more screen time and Micah gets closer to his dad. Meanwhile, Amber seems quiet, just observing the trainwreck around her. And, TLC fans have not missed that fact.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Shout Out Amber Plath

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Amber Plath Seems Mature

TLC fans noticed that Moriah needs emotional help. Meanwhile, Lydia is all caught up in religion. However, Amber seems less emotionally damaged. Unlike Lydia, she seems less inclined to fall on her knees in a prayer closet. Apart from asking her mom a sensible question about independence when she acquired the dance studio, there’s not much more to go on. Still, people start forming opinions.

Welcome To Plathville fan u/gravityvfr too to Reddit to talk about Amber Plath. In their post, they said:

Amber is the most underrated Plath. I think she’s going to go far in life and you can see the look on her face when her sisters talk. She looks at them like they are all dumbasses. She’s like ok Moriah enough with the “woe is me” Eeyore vibes. And she’s like cut the Jesus sh-t out [unlike] Lydia. Bahaha I can’t wait for Ambers tell all one day. Anyone else get those vibes from Amber?”

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Other Fans Shout Out

Not all Welcome To Plathville fans felt that they had seen enough to judge Amber. However, some people agreed that she seems to have the potential to be more “normal” than the rest of the kids. One of them opined, “Amber is the sister who told Kim if she wanted a divorce she’s the one who needed to move out not Barry. That line gave me so much respect from Amber. .”

Another follower wrote, “She was so mature in asking that question. She is at the age that she observes her parents’ interactions.”

Tell us what you think. Do you believe that it’s too soon to tell much about the character of Amber Plath? Or, do you think that the little you have seen is a good sign that she has got a level head? Let us know in the comments below. After you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.


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