Vanessa Guerra Slams 90 Day Fiancé Production Company Over Colt Johnson’s Injuries On Set

90 Day Fiance alum Vanessa Guerra slams Sharp Productions over Colt's injuries on set
Vanessa Guerra and Colt Johnson [Image @savagecoltj/Instagram]

In early January, Colt Johnson hit the headlines after having been severely injured on a 90 Day Fiancé film set. His wife, Vanessa Guerra shared images of Colt in hospital and explained his injuries and that he had been in hospital for two weeks. Now, Vanessa is mad with TLC’s production company, Sharp Productions for ignoring Colt’s injury, claiming that he has $250K in medical bills.

90 Day Fiancé alum Colt Johnson’s injuries

It was on Thursday this week that Vanessa Guerra took to her Instagram Story to slam Sharp Productions, the company behind the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. It is coming up for almost a year since Colt Johnson was severely injured while filming the TLC reality show.

90 Day Fiance alum Vanessa Guerra slams Sharp Productions over Colt's injuries on set

In her Instagram Story, Vanessa stated that not only had the production company failed to check up on Colt following his injury, but also said they left him with $250,000 in medical bills.

When Vanessa explained Colt’s injury in January, she wrote, “We were filming a scene on trampolines that went terribly wrong. Fans later found out that the couple had been filming for 90 Day: The Last Resort when he was injured, which led to Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown taking their spot.

Vanessa also said at the time that she “refuses to film anymore” for the TLC reality show and that Colt was unlikely to ever return. This was due to the fact that the production company bailed on her at the time he was injured.

Vanessa Guerra slams production company

90 Day Fiancé star Colt Johnson
90 Day Fiancé star Colt Johnson [Image @vanessaj_702/Instagram]

This week, Vanessa more fully explained those accusations, claiming people (other cast members) were mistaken to think that “Sharp gives a s**t about them.” She claimed that they are only “valuable for content/bringing in $$” and that “EVERYONE is easily replaceable.”

Vanessa then accused Sharp Productions of not checking up on Colt while he was in the hospital, immediately after his accident. She claimed this was because the accident happened over the “weekend/after business hours.” Vanessa added that Sharp even gave them the runaround when they asked about insurance.

“They couldn’t be bothered to give us the information until months later,” Vanessa claimed, adding:

Eventually they gave us what seems like fake ass insurance to get us to stop bugging them. To this day not $1 has been paid and he’s got over $250k in hospital bills.

Meanwhile, Vanessa said that instead of worrying about Colt’s wellbeing, the production company was more worried about whether or not she and Colt would still be able to film 90 Day: The Last Resort if Colt was in a wheelchair. Colt’s better half said the company suggested they continue filming from inside the hospital to document his journey.

Not begging for money

In another Instagram Story, Vanessa explained that she wasn’t looking for money, writing:

And no I’m not begging for money. We have our own health insurance to fall back on thankfully. My point was not to expect a sh*tty company do right by anybody.

90 Day Fiance alum Vanessa Guerra slams Sharp Productions over Colt's injuries on set

Apart from the Instagram Stories, Guerra hasn’t made any new posts since the image of Colt in hospital on January 7. Meanwhile, Colt has also been quiet on social media.

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