Tori Roloff Plans Exciting Giveaway As Social Media Milestone Looms

Tori Roloff upped her game on social media and it’s definitely paying off for her as a massive milestone looms.

The Little People, Big World star plans to celebrate a special event by doing giveaways.

Additionally, she asked her fans for ideas on what they think would be a great collab.

Tori Roloff – Is Increasingly Popular

Little people, Big World fans were angry with Zach’s wife when she allowed Jackson to tell Matt and Caryn that they were moving to Washington.

Actually, it was a horrible season, and plenty of people slammed Zach, and funnily enough, Jacob.

Not that he was even in the show. For a long time, social media followers scolded the cast.

But memories fade, and everyone knows that the TLC shows are partly scripted or rehearsed for editing.

Despite the fallout, Tori Roloff gained popularity on Instagram. Probably that’s because she keeps drama off her page and mostly shares about her kids.

While some trolls still arrive to point fingers at her, she tends to see them off smartly.

Most people love that she shares so much of her babies with them and let’s face it, most people think that Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah are the cutest kids.

Tori Roloff Tori Roloff – Soon Hits A Major Instagram Milestone

On August 26, the TLC star took to her Stories and shared that soon, she will hit “2M” followers.

Two million followers are nothing to laugh about. Some people with way less than that earn good money from doing promotions.

She also told her followers that she plans on doing “a giveaway.”

Tori Roloff Plans Exciting Giveaway As Social Media Milestone Looms
@toriroloff / Instagram

Tori Roloff is probably popular because she often interacts with her fans. So this time, she asked fans for their input on who she should choose to collaborate with.

She added, “Tag them here!” It must be a very exciting time for the Little People Big World star as she’s not far off her target.

How many Instagram Followers Does She have?

Right now, Tori Roloff has accumulated 1.9M followers. In comparison, Jeremy’s wife Audrey, has 1.6M followers.

That might make Audrey double-take, as she spends far more time promoting herself and her achievements on the platform.

Perhaps when Tori leaves the TLC show, she will have enough followers to still live comfortably as an influencer. Will she leave?

Actually, she and Zach already prepare for life without Little People, Big World. Sooner or later, the show will come to an end.

Do you think it’s a good idea to ask people to contribute giveaway ideas? What do you think of Zach’s wife being so close to two million Instagram followers?

Shout out in the comments below and keep checking here frequently for all the latest news, updates, and gossip about the Little People Big World cast.

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