TLC ‘Love & Translation’: Release Date & Time

TLC TLC is all set to air a new reality show with a fresh twist. While when you are in love, you need no words, on this show, love really is the language used to communicate. The network dropped the release date for its upcoming dating reality show Love & Translation. This announcement came during Warner Bros. Discovery’s latest unveiling of its rebranded HBO Max (now called Max) streaming platform. So, what is this reality dating show all about? Keep reading to find out the details!

On Love & Translation, three dashing American men live alongside 12 women from international locations on a remote island that is nothing less than a paradise. Together they try to find love, but things are not as easy as they seem. The twist in the tale is none of these women can speak English. Moreover, these three men do not speak any other language except English. With worded communication down the drain, how will these singles connect with one another? They won’t even get any translators and need to rely on their senses to understand if they feel a connection with someone on the Island.

Backed by the power of attraction and chemistry, these men will try to learn what it takes to understand women who don’t understand their language. Will they really find their soul mate on the reality show, or will it be a fling and a hot tale of romance? Fans can find out this and more once the TLC series premieres on the network.

TLC recently released an official teaser for the show but hasn’t yet confirmed a release date. However, a tentative timeline has been confirmed, stating that the show will premiere sometime in Winter 2023. In the clip, one of the bachelors was seen complaining that he wished he knew what the lady sitting in front of her was saying at the moment. The TV series will test whether true love really goes beyond boundaries.

Produced by Sharp Entertainment for TLC, the reality series might also be available at the Max apart from TLC. The rebranded streaming service is focused exclusively on delivering high-quality TV programs to its diverse customer base. This will also include viewers that dig reality shows as compared to scripted TV.

So, are you excited about TLC’s Love & Translation? Share your thoughts in the comments, and check back for more on TLC shows!

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