The Blacklist: Dembe May Betray The bureau In The Coming Season

The BlacklistThe Blacklist spoilers, news, and updates tease that Dembe, played by Hisham Tawfiq, will betray the FBI for Red (played by James Spader).

The start of the 9th season had a two-year jump from the death of Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone). After her death, the task force also parted ways, with Reddington nowhere in sight.

As one of the most loyal employees of Red, Dembe found himself lost without Reddington. He found himself becoming a part of the FBI as an agent instead.

The Blacklist Spoilers – Dembe Zuma’s Loyalty To Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington

Though there are a couple of times in the past that Red betrayed Dembe, he remained loyal because he saved him from being human trafficked as a child. His father and mother were killed by the Mombasa Cartel and then he was sold to human traffickers.

He became Red’s closest and most loyal confidant as well, acting as his personal bodyguard. He also made several jobs for Red and the FBI task force as well. He also protected Elizabeth Keen before, but his loyalty remained with Red when Red and Liz had fallen out.

Dembe has been an important part of the show, but his character became more relevant after Liz died, especially now that he’s part of the FBI.

In season nine, Dembe remained loyal to the bureau, but still could not help himself to be loyal to Red as well. And this coming final season, fans are curious whether Dembe will remain loyal to the bureau or he will go back to working for Red.

The Blacklist Spoilers – Season 10 teasers

Fans become more intrigued as the network released teasers for the upcoming season. The images showed Dembe and Donald Ressler (played by Diego Klattenhoff) working together. While other images also show that Dembe also works closely with Siya Malik (played by Anya Banerjee).

Another showed an interaction between Dembe and Red. Will they work together again? And how will this affect Dembe’s work with the FBI? Fans are rooting for Dembe to side with the bureau, particularly the task force.

Since the blacklister Wujing (played by Chin Han) is about to return as teased from last season, it is expected that Dembe’s first instinct is to protect Red at all costs. And as he is involved with the investigation, would he betray the bureau and provide information to Red?

If Dembe won’t let Red into the investigation, Red’s life could be in danger. Dembe may struggle with these decisions in the upcoming season.

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