Tammy Slaton Is A Diet Soda Ambassador 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Freak Out

Tammy Slaton 1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton might be cheating on the diet she followed in rehab. TLC fans who care about her really hope that she sticks with it because she was so unhealthy, that she nearly died. She recently revealed that she’s now a diet soda ambassador and followers are freaking out. Why is that?

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Star Tammy Slaton Slips Back?

Recent spoilers revealed that Tammy Slaton ended her marriage with Caleb Willingham after he failed to follow through on their mutual commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Anyway, Tammy appears to have moved on to another significant other already. However, fans fear that her new relationship may not support her efforts to maintain her progress in losing weight. Additionally, some fans are concerned that Tammy’s family members may also be enabling her unhealthy habits by providing her with sugary and high-calorie food.

1000-Lb Sisters fans seem very disappointed to hear that Tammy’s brother Chris Combs allegedly went to Starbucks and ordered his sister a large beverage, which was likely chocolate-flavored. Furthermore, the drink was also topped off with plenty of whipped cream, which can add extra calories. Actually, if it was chocolate, then she could have had as many as 600 calories in her cup. Now, she announced that she opted for diet soda, TLC fans are freaking out.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton Is A Diet Soda Ambassador?

On May 18, Tammy shared a photo of herself with a Diet Cola and said, “L O L diet sodie ambassador.” Immediately, people started complaining that diet sodas are really bad for her. Meanwhile, others claimed that soda should never be taken after gastric surgery. Some of them disagreed, but apparently, lots of doctors told their patients to stay off them. Arguments erupted about the pros and cons of the stuff.

Tammy Slaton Is A Diet Soda Ambassador 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Freak Out
Tammy Slaton / Instagram

Some 1000-Lb Sisters fans are convinced that Tammy might actually gain weight again. One follower wrote, “Noooo leave them alone. all the sugar in them. I had sleeve surgery a year ago I still don’t do any kind of cokes. Not even zero sugar ones.”

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – What Does Healthline Say?

Many conflicting comments came from 1000-Lb Sisters fans. So we checked it out on Healthline. There, the website notes most of the complaints about diet soda were researched, However, the ones run by soda companies seemed more inclined to say they would not hurt anyone with weight gain. Other research suggested that too much might cause kidney disease. However, almost every research study needs more investigation. Actually, of interest is that diet soda “usually has very few to no calories and no significant nutrition.”

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