Sister Wives Spoilers: Was Robyn Brown An Easy Target?

Sister Wives Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Robyn Brown is now standing by her words as she describes herself as an ‘easy target‘ in the Brown family. In the final episode of the tell-all, she exposed the other wives telling host, Sukanya Krishnan that she has been the scapegoat for the other wives for years.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Explains It All

Robyn has been getting a lot of backlash from fans of the show for years. Fans have seen that Kody Brown has always favored her and her children along with the other three wives. It began when he married her and asked Meri Brown to divorce him in order for him to marry Robyn legally.

He legally adopted her children from another marriage and during the pandemic, it was clear that she was his favorite wife. During the pandemic, Kody made some rules and regulations to keep everyone healthy and safe, but he hired a nanny for Robyn because he felt that she had her hands full. The other family members weren’t even allowed to visit each other, but viewers felt Kody overstepped bringing in a nanny.

When Robyn was asked about her relationship with the other wives and Kody, she told Sukanya, “When he does something that they don’t like, I get blamed. Maybe I’m an easy target. Because I have a tendency to just take it. And just not get jerky about it. I didn’t fight, it’s not my nature to fight. I have to really, really get tough within myself to fight. I’m just absolutely more heart.”

Sister Wives – The Marriage Turmoil

Kody and Robyn have had to deal with a lot of changes in their marriage. Christine Brown’s leaving was pretty tough on everyone and it did come as a surprise to everyone in the family. Fans were shocked that Christine was the first to leave because many of them always thought that it would be Meri Brown to leave first. Robyn seemed to really struggle with the thought of Christine leaving and she admitted that this made her really upset. She was fully committed to being in a polygamist marriage and when Christine left, she just knew that the cracks in the Brown dynamic had started to get bigger.

As Robyn chatted on the tell-all, she added that because she was the only one that he was married to, she felt that when the other wives would argue with Kody, the other women “handed Kody to me and said ‘we don’t want to spend time with him, basically.'” From what it looks like, there is a lot more to Brown’s story than meets the eye. The tell-all episodes were only able to share so much, so we will have to keep an eye on the Browns to see what is next for them.

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