Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Victimizes Herself And Mistreats Others, Claims Gwendlyn

Sister WivesSister Wives Spoilers show Gwendlyn Brown calling out Robyn Brown. According to Gwendlyn, Robyn victimizes herself and mistreats other family members. Of course, Gwendlyn is just confirming what some fans have suspected for years.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Accuses Family Of Victimizing Robyn Brown From The Start

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal Janelle Brown’s suspicions were confirmed in Season 17 Episode 13 when Kody claimed that there were some family members who were unwilling to accept Robyn. Of course, this backed up Robyn’s constant complaining that she was victimized by the other wives. Even though Kody spent time with Robyn even before she was brought into the family as if she was already a wife.

According to Kody, Janelle never tried to make amends with Robyn, especially after the Covid rules discussion. Kody demanded that Janelle, Gabriel Brown, and Garrison Brown apologize to Robyn. Janelle feels that Robyn should reach out and make amends as well because it was never just one-sided. Janelle feels Robyn was in the wrong as well. Janelle was not swayed by this.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Is Robyn Brown Victimizing Herself?

Gwendlyn has a Patreon account where she discusses her childhood. Gwendlyn often talks about her childhood and being raised on tv and experiences from her childhood. Gwen couldn’t resist commenting on the video about how she feels Robyn has been lying about her Sisterwives experience. When a fan asked if Kody accused the other wives of mistreating Robyn because of her lies, she says she agrees.

“It never really happened, from my memory especially. It seemed like in the situation, Robyn was just one of the wives,” Gwendlyn said. “If there has been any weird animosity, it’s not because we’ve been mistreating Robyn; it’s because he’s been victimizing herself or mistreating us,” Gwendlyn concluded. However, Kody continued to defend Robyn to the point of Janelle walking away.

Sister Wives Spoilers – There Is No Proof That Robyn Was Mistreated

Another fan asked if there was any footage from Sister Wives that backed up Robyn’s claims of being mistreated. Long-time viewers agree that they have seen nothing of the sort. All of the footage that has aired over the years show Robyn and her children being included after the initial issues of blending the families. The other children were not allowed to act in some of the manners of Robyn’s children.

Gwendlyn says that Kody surrounds him with people who agree with him that way he isn’t confronted by other people’s opinions. As Gwen has mentioned before, she isn’t surprised by Kody spending time with Robyn and her children. They do not question Kody’s ideas. Gwendlyn admits that Kody has estranged relationships with most of his children from the other three marriages.

Season 18 of Sister Wives is rumored to premiere in September 2023.

Keep checking back for all of your Sister Wives news and spoilers. The previous 17 seasons can be streamed on Discovery +.

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