Sister Wives Spoilers: Gwen Brown Says Brother, Paedon Is An Awful Person

Sister Wives Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Gwen Brown has started to share her feelings about her family with her fans. She has started to post frequently on her YouTube channel and in a recent video, she admitted that she wasn’t fond of her brother, Paedon Brown. The tea that she spilled was very surprising for her fans and they aren’t exactly sure what to think.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Gwen Brown Shares It All

Gwen took quite a lot of time to talk to her fans even more about her family. She started in about Paedon becasue of what he has been saying about Meri Brown. He mentioned that none of the family members actually felt safe around her and he made allegations that she was abusive. Gwen just knew that she had to explain her feelings to her fans.

She began, “He is still the sexist, homophic, transphobic, racist, violent abuser that he always has been for several years.He’s the most awful person I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing and I would strongly advise against taking anything he says as fact. I would advise against giving him any kind of support even if you’re just watching the kind of content he puts out because it does encourage him to continue.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – More Paedon Brown Drama

As far as Gwen is concerned, she pointed out that he has been phsyically violent towards her in the past. She told her fans about this on her TikTok account a few months ago. In fact, when they were in Las Vegas, Gwen and Paedon were never allowed to stay alone together. She was terrified to be around him and has been very open about her feelings and past with Paedon. As of right now, Gwen has told her fans that she is going to focus more on her mental health and her education.

Now that this season of the show is over, a lot has been coming out about the Brown family. Paedon can’t seem to keep his mouth shut when it comes to talking about everyone. Gwen is showing her support for other family members, no matter what. The one that she does not want to speak of again is Paedon. He has treated her horribly in the past, accoring to her and we will continue to keep an eye on her as she spills more tea. You can follow her YouTube channel,TikTok, and Instagram accounts. You can also find the rest of the Browns on Instagram sharing what life has brought to them now that the show is over.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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