Sister Wives: Meri Brown Puts Up A Fight

Sister wives spoilers say Meri Brown refuses to get bamboozled by Robyn and Kody Brown, and she wants her money!  Or property of equal value.  Don’t miss the Coyote Pass drama play out this Sunday on TLC, and keep reading for all new Sister Wives spoilers.

Meri Brown has never been our favorite Sister Wife.  Honestly, it’s been hard for fans to like her over the years.  But, even the diehard Meri Brown haters can see that what Kody Brown is doing to Meri is WRONG.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown’s Wonky Math

As the battle over Coyote Pass heats up, Kody Brown throws it in his ex-wife Meri’s face that she only has one child.  Apparently, Kody is an accountant and a divorce court judge these days.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Puts Up A FightThe Sister Wives star has deemed that Meri will only be getting half of her Coyote Pass share of land, since she has less kids than every one else.

Here’s the kicker though.  Sister Wives fans know that the Brown Family Finances consisted of them pooling their TLC check in one account and all the wives’ bills were paid out of that account.

The debate isn’t who has more kids.  Kody and his wives should be debating who put in more screen time and earned those checks.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Does Meri Brown Deserve More?

Kody Brown is arguing over the number of kids Meri has.  But, we all know her catfish scandal saved the show from cancellation.  And, since then Meri Brown has basically let Kody make a mockery of her on television for 8 years.

If anyone deserves MORE of Coyote Pass, honestly it’s Meri.  Without her we probably wouldn’t even know the Brown Family any more.

What do you think about the Coyote Pass squabble?  Do you agree with Meri or Kody?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Sister Wives spoilers and updates.


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