Sister Wives: Kody And Christine Feud Heats Up

Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates tease that Kody is accusing Christine, his ex-wife, of turning Janelle, another ex-wife, against him.

In the past few years, Sister Wives has had a lot of changes as Kody separated from his wives Janelle, Meri, and Christine.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Christine and Janelle had split with Kody in 2021 and 2022, respectively. But the drama never ends after the separation.

Sister Wives Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody And Christine Brown’s relationship

Kody and Christine had been together for 27 years before they started to part ways. The show started in 2010 with 18 seasons, so it means that way before even the show started, Kody and Christine, including Meri and Janelle, had a long history together.

But the drama never stops after the separation as Christine decides to stand up for herself, pointing out the patriarchal ways they have been living all this time.

Christine was also the one who decided to initiate the separation.

And now, Kody is accusing Christine of sabotaging his relationship with Janelle. As we may remember, even though Christine and Kody had a difficult relationship, Janelle and Kody’s relationship is very neutral.

That’s why Kody probably never really expected their separation.

And now, Kody thinks that Christine pitted Janelle against him to sabotage their relationship. In the recent sneak peek of the show, Kody said that Christine may be the real villain in their story.

In a recent interview, Kody also expressed about being disappointed with Christine, the mother of his six children.

He believes that his relationship with Janelle would have turned out differently if it wasn’t for Christine.

He thinks she betrayed him, and because she and Janelle are close and even have businesses together, Kody probably thinks that it would be easy for Christine to sway Janelle to leave him.

Christine and Janelle are very close. They look out for each other throughout their lives. They take care of each other’s children when the other one is busy.

They may have fallen apart after their split with Kody, as some speculated, because they have independently built their businesses.

They aren’t partners anymore. But it is probably because they are starting over as individuals, far away from the polygamous family they had.

Apart from this Kody’s accusation, Janelle publicly said that Christine leaving the family changed the dynamics at home, and she would have probably stayed if Christine didn’t leave.

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