Sister Wives: Is Christine Brown Sharing Her Husband With Janelle?

Sister Wives stars Christine Brown and Janelle Brown have really bonded over their divorces, and mutual disgust for their ex-husband Kody Brown.  Christine and Janelle weren’t always super close on the TLC show, now they are inseparable.

Recently, the Sister Wives cast hit the interview circuit to promote the season 18 finale and tell-all.  Interestingly, Janelle and Christine Brown did all of their interviews together.  They’ve maintain a united front since they both left Kody, but fans thought this choice was a bit odd.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine And Janelle Brown Grow Closer

In more than one interview, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown raved about their bond and raising their kids together.

Sister Wives: Is Christine Brown Sharing Her Husband With Janelle?Janelle even stated that all she needs is her sister wife and her kids.  The dynamics of their relationship has certainly raised a few eyebrows in recent months.

In order to still be Sister Wives, don’t they have to share a husband?  And, how does Christine Brown’s new husband David Woolley feel about?

David Woolley doesn’t do a whole lot of public speaking, in fact Christine clearly handles all of their press.  When the couple first got engaged, there were some questions about whether or not they would dabble in plural marriage.

Did David know when he married Christine, he basically was acquiring Janelle Brown and all of her kids as well?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Did David Woolley Score Two Wives?

Christine and Janelle Brown haven’t confirmed nor denied their feelings on Polygamy since splitting from Kody Brown.

Janelle has even said on occasion that their marriage didn’t fall apart because they were Polygamists, it was Kody’s favoritism that damaged their relationships.  Maybe David Wooley doesn’t play favorites?

What do you think?  Are Janelle and Christine still in a plural marriage, just with a new man?

Did David Woolley steal not one, but TWO of Kody’s wives?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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