Samantha Markle’s Lawyer Calls Meghan “A Sociopath” in Court

Samantha Markle’s filing against her much-younger half-sister is still ongoing and she’s desperate to prove that the Duchess defamed her.

In a new interview, Samantha Markle’s lawyer upped the rhetoric by referring to the former actress as a “sociopath,” even citing a few instances when she displayed the mental disorder.

Samantha’s Legal Team Accuses Meghan Markle of Meticulously Planning To Bag A Prince

According to Harry and Meghan Markle, they were introduced by a mutual friend, and at the time, all Meghan wanted to know was whether her blind date was a kind person.

The two met each other on the blind date and kicked things off. In 2018, the couple got married, and even though things haven’t been smooth sailing, they’ve been together for five years, welcoming two children during that time.

Samantha Markle's Lawyer Calls Meghan “A Sociopath” in Court

Peter Ticktin, senior partner at The Ticktin Law Group, recently gave an interview to Newsweek, taking the opportunity to take a swipe at the Duchess.

“I’m not certain as to her exact diagnoses,” Ticktin told Newsweek. “I don’t know for sure whether she is a psychopath, a sociopath, or has a borderline personality disorder with narcissistic tendencies. I just believe she’s one of these, most probably a sociopath.”

Even though Meghan’s lawyers are yet to respond, her lawyer Michael Kump previously waved away the lawsuit, calling it “absurd.”

“This baseless and absurd lawsuit is just a continuation of a pattern of disturbing behavior,” Kump said at the time. “We will give it the minimum attention necessary, which is all it deserves.”

Samantha accused Meghan of defaming her during the latter’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. During the interview, Meghan said she had no relationship with Samantha when she was growing up, so much so, she felt like an only child.

Meghan also claimed that she lived with her mother and only stayed with her father during the weekends. Samantha disagrees, saying she lived with their father full-time and only got to see her mother on some weekends.

Meghan Markle Accused of Sowing Seeds Of Destruction In Her and Harry’s Family

Continuing on in the interview, Ticktin said that they were all happy for the Duchess when she started dating Harry.

Ticktin said: “We all loved Meghan when she started to date Harry. In time, though, when we learned that Meghan was not exactly what we thought she was. To many, the bloom came off the rose with a thud.”

“Here, you have a person who should have been on top of the world, and, instead, she sowed seeds of destruction and harm onto her father, the Royal Family, and her wheelchair bound sister,” he continued. “It is an unfortunate situation when a person is at odds with her own family. Here, you have Meghan at odds with the families on both sides.”

Speaking on the couple’s tumultuous relationship and marriage, he added, “This wasn’t love on first date. It was a calculated psyop to land a prince.”

He named Meghan Markle taking sole credit of Procter & Gamble changing their “misogynistic” ad as one of the ways she displayed her sociopathic nature.

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