Royal Family News: The British Tabloid Press Called Out For Lying About Prince Harry’s Helicopter Story

Royal Family News: The British Tabloid Press Called Out For Lying About Prince Harry’s Helicopter StoryBritish Royal News says that the truth hurts, especially when it’s the corrected version. Many royal fans and critics alike are hitting out at the ‘toxic’ British press for not correctly quoting Michael J. Brooley, who used to be Prince Harry’s flight instructor when he was in the army. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – The British Tabloid Press Called Out For Lying About Prince Harry’s Helicopter Story

Brooley took to his Facebook account to set the record straight after The Sun suggested that a story that Harry wrote about his flying experience was exaggerated. In fact, after Brooley shared his correction on social media, The Sun changed their headline fromcomplete fantasy “ to ” dramatized for effect.

Here’s what Brooley writes, “I am Michael Booley, Harry’s former Sgt Major flying instructor, quoted in this article. Out of the blue, I was contacted by the press to be made aware they were writing articles and as I was named in Harry’s book “Spare” I was offered an opportunity to comment on it. I was completely unaware of this. As I had not seen it, I was then provided with an inaccurate version of the book (translated) and in response I expressed my concerns about any possible detrimental narratives from the outset. I later saw the English version and highlighted the differences to the press.”

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He continued, “I was then assured that if I offered any comments, they would be reported on accurately. Stupidly and against my better judgment, I proceeded on trust. I made it absolutely clear that Harry was an exceptional student and I had nothing but the utmost respect for him. I highlighted some inaccuracies in the book, in particular reference to the flying sorties, but felt that they were probably not Harry’s words and highly likely to be dramatized due to the fact that the book was Ghost Written. I did not know who the ghost writer was and certainly did not blame him. Not once did I say anything derogatory about Prince Harry and I certainly never said it was “complete fantasy” as the article headlines would have you believe. I made it clear to the reporters that I would not approve of anything derogatory and yet here we are.”

Brooley also said, “I also made it clear that I myself am suffering with complex PTSD and am under treatment for it and any misquotes or twists could potentially impact my health and well-being. I feel let down and betrayed by them. I also feel foolish for having listened to their assurances of trust and honesty. I should have know better. I certainly did not ask for or receive any payment, as some above comments suggest and am very despondent about how this article has been portrayed.”

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