Royal Family News: Princess Charlotte Might Be Forced To Get A Job – No Full-Time Royal Status?

Royal Family News: Princess Charlotte Might Be Forced To Get A Job - No Full-Time Royal Status?British Royal News says that Prince William and Kate Middleton are trying to change things up a bit. Seeing how Prince Harry has gotten a lot of attention for being the ‘Spare’ in the royal family – for better or for worse – the Prince and Princess of Wales want to avoid any of the same friction that he had with his older brother and the future King of England, Prince William, in their own family. That’s why they are reportedly making Princess Charlotte get a real job when she’s older. That why she won’t rely so much on the monarchy as a full-time royal. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Princess Charlotte Might Be Forced To Get A Job – No Full-Time Royal Status?

According to royal expert and correspondent Richard Eden that Wiliam and Kate want to make sure that their children understand what their roles are in their lives as they want to put them on the right track for their future. He said, “From what I hear, the Prince and Princess of Wales want Charlotte, aged seven, to grow up with the expectation that she will get a job and not be a full-time royal.”

And while it might look like Princess Charlotte could be getting demoted in the same way that Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have, as they were never made full-time royals either, Eden doesn’t necessarily think that it’s a good idea. He explained, “Personally, I would prefer to see a larger Royal Family, carrying out more official engagements and meeting more members of the public. If Charlotte is to get a job and not be an active member of ‘The Firm,’ she needs to be ready to step into the breach, if needed.”

Royal Family News – What’s In Store For Princess Charlotte’s Future?

Many royal fans and critics have commented on the matter with, “I do not believe this story. Will and Kate will want all of their kids to be full time royals. The kids of their cousins, and Harry of course, is a much different story…. I won’t be surprised one bit if they give them the boot,” along with, “I feel for that kid. She’s going to need her Uncle Harry’s fortitude and determination to survive the role of spare and make her own way in the world. It will all be harder for her just because she is a girl. And she’s going to need a lot of her grandmother’s strength (Diana, not the other one!) to stand up for herself.”

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